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He suck and he is the most hated guy in lbp! Not the best slapper!

Why is he 38th? Isn't he the best he's beaten everyone on this list...

#1 why he 25?

Beaten by agentclank111 in his own conection. - ThePlayer_No1

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42 ShadowRush

Hope you make it bro to #1

43 yunggunmoney
44 Deidara - TrueArt

Deidara Is Rouge He Should Be 6 Or 7 Or I've heard He was Jelani Student

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45 Bigtrell12

He's is one of those great slappers in the community he should be ranked at 17 or higher he's aces lots of people

I think he should be 14 he aced gangster4life but gangster kept poping

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46 Yes

I Should Be Number 1

47 LeagacyJudge
48 Bins-1991 V 1 Comment
49 binz-1991

I should be around 20s or 15s...

50 ExIlLe_MaTrIxX V 2 Comments
51 Nate_the_gamer23

No no I know better slapper like oxx_Tobi_xxo so he shouldn't be in list.

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52 zHallus-

He already win against some of the people here. he's really good. don't underestimate him. He should be higher.

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53 PsycoSRB

Good slapper he is simply beast and can easily beat nate. - ThePlayer_No1

54 Dark2512
55 xMaZe-RaPiDzZ
56 Xx_B3AST_7xX

He's so good He won against people in the top ten

57 zFallenNoobz

Lauri is better than beast he almost wins TheplayerNo1 so... He aced evryone

He's a good slaper and aced a lot of people. He has a good clan called Khaos

ZFallenNoobz is very good slapper! He is better than Xx_B3AST_7xX, Fallen aced him. And he has good clan KHAOS. He can be the top1 maybe at sometime.

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58 Hardman371
59 Ultimatben
60 Hansomegeorge
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