Best Little Big Planet Slapping Clans

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1 Slapmasters

Great clan I love it

Slapmasters is a strong clan and there members is a all out clan. Lvls are out of this world.

Awesome clan I love it and ther leader is cool

Umm who is the leader?!

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2 Slap Vortex

Slap Vortex is a awesome clan I think there the hardcore gamer type.

Slap Vortex is pretty awesome there like a go hard type of clan.

3 Elite

Is lead by jelani2000 he is a Great slaper and he only accept the Elite

Deidara-_-TrueArt Was And Higher Level Than Jelani SomeHow He Manage To Be SM

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4 BCK Slap

Bck slap is lead by Ktm. He is a good slaper and I like his levels but he have small amount of members

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5 Slap Redemption

This clan is a no loseing they only like to win

6 Arisen

Arisen is a gothic clan but ther leader is a smooth talker he get pros to join.

7 Slaping Syndicates

Slaping Syndicates is a mixture of super Heros and Slapers

8 Slapsters

Slapsters don't exist anymore cause these members was cheap af. - ThePlayer_No1

Slapsters is a great clan they are famous for its levels and there members.

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9 The Watchdogs

This is a strong clan leader is killaswag360lol also he has changed he is scary good now

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10 New Arisen

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11 Berserkers
12 SG
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