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1 Slapmasters

Slapmasters is a strong clan and there members is a all out clan. Lvls are out of this world.

Is a great clan and ther leader is boss ther level is better than any slaping clans and ther clan members don't give up and go all the way.

Ther the greatest Clan ther Beast I wonder what would happen if they allied REA ther levels would be even more awesome. LBP would be ruled by the top slaping clan and building Clan! Amazing how good it would be if that happend

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2 Slap Vortex

Slap Vortex is a awesome clan I think there the hardcore gamer type.

Slap Vortex is pretty awesome there like a go hard type of clan.

3 Elite

Is lead by jelani2000 he is a Great slaper and he only accept the Elite

Deidara-_-TrueArt Was And Higher Level Than Jelani SomeHow He Manage To Be SM

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4 BCK Slap

Bck slap is lead by Ktm. He is a good slaper and I like his levels but he have small amount of members

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5 Slap Redemption V 1 Comment
6 Arisen

Arisen is a gothic clan but ther leader is a smooth talker he get pros to join.

7 Slaping Syndicates V 1 Comment
8 Slapsters

Slapsters don't exist anymore cause these members was cheap af. - ThePlayer_No1

Slapsters is a great clan they are famous for its levels and there members.

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9 The Watchdogs

This is a strong clan leader is killaswag360lol also he has changed he is scary good now

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10 New Arisen

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11 Berserkers
12 SG
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