Top 10 Little-Known Elvis Presley Facts


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1 Elvis had a pet chimp

His chimp, named Scatter. - CartoonsGirl

2 Elvis had a black belt in karate

Elvis took up martial arts while fulfilling his military duties in Germany in 1958. - CartoonsGirl

3 Elvis never performed outside of North America

He performed many times in Hawaii. It's a state of the United States but this Island lays in the Pacific, not in north America.

4 Elvis was awarded an honorary badge by Richard Nixon
5 He had a twin brother

You're kidding? He did? Cool! - keycha1n

6 He was a blonde

I recently heard about this. Never would have guessed. - Alpha101

It's a little bit exagerated. He was born blonde but his haircolor went to sandy dark brown in his teens. The grease pommade in his hair showed him almost dark haired. For his film " Loving you " he dyed his hair Jetblack. Exept for one movie in the sixties ( " follow that dream " where you can see his real haircolor ) he dyed his hair black until his death.

7 Elvis bought Graceland when he was 22.
8 Presley almost died in a Tupelo, Miss., tornado when he was 15 months old.
9 Research shows that “Elvis” is one of the most popular passwords for computers.
10 He hated fish, and wouldn’t allow Priscilla to eat it at Graceland.

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11 He was found dead on the toilet


12 The last thing he ate was ice cream and cookies
13 He stormed off the soundstage when he recorded "Old MacDonald"

Elvis was so angry that he had to record this song ( it was 1967! ) for a movie. It didn't stop RCA from releasing his unfinished seventh take paste with another take.

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