Top 10 Little Known Weird Al Yankovic Songs You Should Hear

Weird Al is the best Parody writer. He even has a parody movie, UHF (1989)! Here are some of his less known songs you should hear.

The Top Ten

1 Cavity Search
2 Buy Me a Condo
3 I Can’t Watch This
4 Bohemian Polka
5 Spam
6 One More Minute
7 Don’t Wear Those Shoes
8 Trash Day
9 Christmas at Ground Zero
10 Uhf

The Contenders

11 Genius in France

Weird Al's attempt to create a pastiche of the Frank Zappa sound. It's probably the most musically clever thing Al has ever written. - Gg2000

12 I Remember Larry

Just a song about Al reminiscing over his old friend Larry and how he killed him... wait, what? - Gg2000

13 The Plumbing Song

Al does a parody of two Milli Vanilli songs, "Baby Don't Forget My Number" and "Blame it On the Rain", and he makes it sound good. Also, no lip-synching required here. - Gg2000

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