Top Ten Best Little Moments In Life

Ahh...there are little moments when everything just feels right with the world, aren't there? Moments just like these...

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1 You wake up thinking it's a weekday but realise it's actually Sunday

My ultimate pleasure in life.

Very nice list! - Alpha101

Yay especially for us School Goers - Toucan

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2 There isn't a queue for public toilets

Queue is like, a crowded place or something. I have no idea how to pronounce it.

What's a queue? And how do you say that? - Garythesnail

3 A stranger makes a random kind act

In a lot of cases, I wouldn't like that to be honest. - drdevil

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4 The bus just pulls in as you approach the bus stop
5 You finish what you started

Knowing me, I make plans but never finish them. It feels great to finish something I started, Can't tell you how many things on here I forgot to finish... - Turkeyasylum

Particularly one of those creative endeavors that always pan out as time goes on and motivation dies... - keycha1n

YES! I finished my worksheet~ - SamuiNeko

6 You prove someone wrong

I actually hate having to do this, because I always feel bad. More often than not I just keep my mouth shut. - PetSounds

This feeling is just awesome! now I don't shove it in their face but I certainly will brag for just a moment - Curti2594

I suck at this. - drdevil

I'm good at this. Mainly because I know a lot of gullible morons. - PositronWildhawk

7 You like more than three songs on an album you've just bought

Oh yes! I love when this happens. It happens often, but I have bought albums I loved only one song of, and that feels such a waste of money. But when you love the whole CD, it's amazing! - keyson

You must really listen to some crappy music if every time you buy a cd you think that there will be only 3 good songs on it.

Ahhh, I absolutely love when this happens, though it is rare now and days. - Alpha101

8 You realise you have more money than you thought

One time I found sixty dollars in my coat pocket. Best day ever. - Turkeyasylum

A minor miracle for most people, a major miracle for a college student. - PositronWildhawk

I once found five dollars in my backpack. I was sohappy. Seconds later I hadlike ten bars of chocolate in my hand. - AnonymousChick

9 Someone pays you a compliment
10 Someone takes your good advice

I love that one Tina. I think someone taking your good advice would help you become more successful in life.

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11 You wake up, you look at the clock and realise you still have 2 hours to sleep

Once I wake, there's no chance of falling back asleep. Can't fall asleep, can't stay asleep... I cry. - keycha1n

That is why I set my alarm 2 hours before I have to wake up. I wake up feeling dreadful, but then realize I still have time to sleep, and automaticly feel delightful. Strange, I know, but it definitely can brighten anyone's day. - Alpha101

Not so great when you CAN'T SLEEP. I woke up at 3am today, and I wasn't very happy about being awake since. - PositronWildhawk

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12 Your crush sits on your lap
13 Your crush smiles at you

Ah... that smile of her cute face and braces

That happened, I nearly blacked out.

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14 You are partnered up with your crush

I sit next to my crush I'm Geography

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15 There is just enough toilet paper
16 You actually got a higher mark on your test than you expected

This happened today in Communications Technology class. I thought I would get like a 6/10 or something, but not turns out I got a 9/10. I would have been fed up with the usual 6s and 7s on my test if I got that low on my test.

17 Coming home on a Friday from school V 1 Comment
18 When your crush gives hints
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1. You wake up thinking it's a weekday but realise it's actually Sunday
2. There isn't a queue for public toilets
3. A stranger makes a random kind act



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