Top Ten Best Little Nightmares Characters

The Top Ten

1 Six

I always thought this was a girl

Many people on google say Six is a girl

What is your guys proof that Six is a boy?

Lol he is so cool

2 The Runaway Kid
3 The Janitor
4 The Lady

I've seen her being animated as a baby from the youtube channel ToysInMotion

5 The Twin Chefs
6 The Guests
7 The Granny
8 Nomes
9 The Shadow Children
10 Leeches

The Contenders

11 Mono

This Mono chacater looks so cute! I can't wait for Little Nightmares 2, every time I watch the trailer I get a chill up my spine!

12 The Wax Bellman
13 The Ferryman
14 The Hanging Man
15 The Craftsman
16 The Butler
17 The Shoe Monster
18 Shadow Six
19 The Spoiled Girl
20 The Girl In the Yellow Raincoat
21 The Hunter
22 The Teacher
23 The North Wind
24 The Mirror Man
25 Flashlight Girl
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