Top Ten Little Things People Usually Learn the Hard Way

It seems there are just some things that no matter how many times people tell you to do them (or not to), you fail to see the wisdom in their words until you experience first hand the negative consequences of failing to heed their advice.

This list isn't for the big lessons in life like making it a point to live without regret or living within your financial means. Instead, it is for those little bits of knowledge you acquire through life the old fashion way... by doing instead of listening.

The Top Ten

1 Avoid drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth

People can try to explain how horrendous the resulting flavor in your mouth is, but you never quite appreciate it until you try it yourself.

This will make you rethink life completely

Too late, I just did._. - Fandom_Lover

2 Don't walk with your shoelaces untied

People told you from the time you were old enough to walk in laced up shoes not to walk around with them untied because you would "trip on your shoelaces". It didn't even seem possible. How is a tiny woven string of fabric going to trip you? Tripping is for cracks in pavement or unexpected stairs. But then than first time you stepped on your lace with the opposite foot and went down, quickly and awkwardly, you'd barely even hit the ground before you realized why people has been warning you all this time.

I've never tripped over untied shoelaces before. As the other guy said, I don't think it seems possible. I barely ever stop to tie it if it gets untied.

3 Be careful not to inhale while eating Tiramisu

Cocoa powder in the lungs, never a good scenario. Good luck acting cool on your date while hacking and wheezing into your dessert.

4 When the stove is on, it is hot

Basically me...

I seem to never learn this - Martinglez

Still touch it

5 Don't put metal silverware in the microwave


6 Always have a spare key

I will never learn haha :D - Britgirl

7 Be careful not to inhale smoke when putting out fires
8 Not to plug a cord into an outlet with your finger in front of the plug
9 Keep things in their original place after use so that you don't waste time and energy searching for it later
10 Always wear shoes when walking near LEGOs

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11 Don't rub your eyes after eating a hot pepper
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