Top 10 Little Things Which Make You Smile

It's the little things in life that make life worth living.
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1 A Compliment

I smile after I give people compliments

Nice to receive but even nicer to give.

I think you're very nice.

2 A Smile from a Stranger

I always try and smile to everyone I can that I don't know, and while I sometimes get weird looks I know that to some people it meant a lot

Depends on the smile. If it's nice, it's nice, but if it's creepy, it's creepy. A nice one is always good, though.

A friendly smile, wave or the kindness from a complete stranger is a wonderful thing.

Baby or toddler smiles are cute and sweet

3 A Baby Laughing

Its such a precious noise!

This doesn't make me smile.

Not gonna lie I normally don't like babies (I know I used to be one, I'm not dumb) but they're kinda cute when they're laughing

4 A Good Song Which You Haven't Heard for a While
5 An Awesome Movie
6 Starting a Brand New Novel

Hey, you forgot the blankets! And a bowl of snacks, and perfect privacy, plus the book has to be a Christie or a Wodehouse or a decent thriller... I just love this feeling! And ten minutes later I look at my book - only 5 down, 395 to go, and there's this feeling of euphoria you can't ever take away from me... [Sigh. ] Which you can't take from me... Until the annoying little brother barges into the room shrieking, "Have you seen the new Ninja Turtles series? It's SO COOL! I ate a chicken burger today after school - so tasty! Hey, can you move of the chair, I need it! Um, can you lend me a few bucks... For stationary... Hey, what're ye reading? Move off! " Yeah, until then.

Opening a brand new crime/thriller novel, with a cup of tea and being curled up on the sofa with gentle jazz music playing in the background. Hmm... Perfect!

The inspiration, the motivation, the racing ideas. It feels good, even if I rarely finish!

7 Eating Your Favourite Meal
8 Being in a Job You Love

Already loving my future job!

9 Catching Up with Friends
10 The Distant Sound of a Dog Barking
The Contenders
11 Corny Old Black and White Films

Charlie Chaplin was a pioneer, and while most people would say "how can you have comedy without sound? " but I say, "what good are words, if they have no meaning? " I find so much value in these types of movies because they were the root of our modern day films.

Without Charlie Chaplain or The Three Stooges, there would be no Monty Python, no Seinfeld, and no Jim Carrey!

I loved that comment! Also applies to Laurel and Hardy silent films.
Lovely comment!

12 Seeing Your Crush Walk Into the Room

When that special person walks in the room, whether you're a guy or a girl, you force yourself to hold back that smile, but it just breaks through anyway...

When they walk in the room
This is whaat I see
I'm not doing this.

13 Having a Conversation with Your Crush

My crush said she had feelings for me the other day, but today she just insulted me, and not as a joke?

This is special, even if it's only for a few moments.

I always look foward to it.

Even if its about someone else or something you have in common (music, movies) its always nice to know you get the chance to talk to him/her and that always makes me smile

14 Watching a Nostalgic Film

Makes you smile with a certain kind of joy!

15 When Your Car Starts in the Morning
16 Sunday Afternoons

It's nice. I like to watch back-to-back episodes of my favourite classic British comedies, a musical or 'corny old black and white films.'

17 A Cup of Tea
18 Seeing or Hearing Your Crush's Name

I know it may sound a little obsessive or cheesy, but I can't help but smile when I see his name...

19 When a Fictional Character Dies in a Beautiful Way

This is heartbreaking! Don't tell me you smiled when


Firestar died or something! He died honorably, but that didn't make it happy!

20 Hearing the Theme Song to a Show You Love

Simply hearing the Gravity Falls theme song makes me fill with love and a fangirling spirit for the show...

Whenever I hear the theme from Doctor Who, I can't help but smile.

21 Hearing Your Favourite Band on the Radio
22 A Girl Laughing to Something You Said
23 When a Woman is Nice Enough to Care
24 When You See Your Best Friend Having a Good Time

It makes you feel good to see your friend whose had a tough time with life and love have a smile of their face around another person it makes you feel happy for a Friend!


Always good to have a laugh

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