Top 10 Little Trees Car Fresheners Most Likely to Become One of Their Best Sellers by 2030

Little Trees currently have 40 car fresheners available. A lot of them are extremely popular like Black Ice, New Car Scent, Vanillaroma, Royal Pine, Coconut, Caribbean Colada and Bayside Breeze just to name some. There's a lot of Little Trees car fresheners that released in past few years that will likely become popular in the future.
The Top Ten
1 True North

True North smells like cleaning products mixed with the scent of mint and the scent of the outdoors like freshly cut grass. It may already seem as one of the best sellers as of now, but not quite. However, it's really close and it may become one very soon. This fragrance is used by so many people, nowadays. Little Trees released different products with this fragrance like a bigger version of this tree. So, it wouldn't even be surprising if this one enters the list of best selling Little Trees car fresheners sooner or later. When it first released in 2017, it used to be new and almost obscure. But not even 5 years after being released, it became a contender of the best selling Little Trees car fresheners. This tree got quite popular to the point Wunder-Baum decided to create their own version of True North under the name of Frosted Pine. It's surprising Wunder-Baum waited 4 years to even create their own version of True North.

2 Gold

This one's interesting because it smells like Axe body wash with a hint of perfume. The design's also very good and unique. It released in 2021 which wasn't very long since most Little Trees car fresheners released in November. Apparently, a lot of people go crazy over this car freshener. It's already been a great seller without even arriving to certain stores yet. It sold out so quickly in Japan, most people like the scent of this car freshener in general. This one has a huge chance of becoming a great seller in the future. Imagine what would happen in stores. They'll be gone as soon as they're on the shelves and people will have to wait a few weeks for a small chance of seeing those on the shelves again. They're that popular. This could replace Pure Steel which is kinda scary to think since both smell like Axe body wash, but different fragrance.

3 Supernova

This one has a chance of becoming extremely popular in the future since their space design is phenomenal. It smells nice as well. It's refreshing, pleasant and nostalgic for some people. It smells like nice perfume and basically some fragrance you'd probably want in your house or something. This one has a chance to become very popular someday.

4 Fresh Shave

It smells like shaving cream, spice and a bit like citrus. It's a nice barber shop type of smell. Out of all the Little Trees car fresheners that released in 2019, this one has a chance of becoming extremely popular. In 2020, the stores that had those were selling extremely quickly to the point they were out of stock almost instantly. But they may not be selling as much now compared to 2020, but they still have a chance to become popular.

5 Dragon Fruit

Usually, fruit scented car fresheners have an overall decent reputation, but this one smells a bit like some of the existing fruit scented car fresheners combined. It has a nice mix of berries with hints of citrus. It's fruity and feminine. The fragrace will likely give nostalgia to some people. Since Dragon Fruit didn't release in the past, this has a chance of becoming extremely popular. It released in 2021 along with Wild Hemp and Gold.

6 Rose Thorn

It smells like a strong cologne for the most part. Rose Thorn released in 2020 along with Supernova (which is somewhat popular) and Sliced (which is kind of hated by some people). When they arrived in stores, they sold extremely quickly, similar to the Fresh Shave car freshener. Another reason for selling out so quickly is because the design of this car freshener is edgy and some people like edgy stuff.

7 Wild Hemp

It may seem as a repulsive car freshener, but it's not what you think. It doesn't smell like weed in the slightest. It's more of a clean and minty fragrance. All people need to do is to give this fragrance a chance. But again, this one got sold extremely well in Japan along with Gold. A lot of people don't seem to hate this fragrance so there's a good chance of becoming very popular as long as people don't assume the worst of this car freshener. Maybe changing the name of the car freshener could prevent repulsing certain people.

8 Wild Cherry

This one used to be much more popular several years ago. It was one of the best selling Little Trees car fresheners around 2015 or 2016. It smells like cherries, but is slightly chemically. It may no longer be on the best selling category, but there's always a chance they can return back.

9 Bubble Gum
10 Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea smells like mint and tea. It released in 2019. This one has a chance of becoming more popular since it's not hated by many people. It's also a very unique fragrance. In February 2021, a lot of people bought Moroccan Mint Tea car fresheners since a YouTuber named Donut Media considered this one his favorite.

The Contenders
11 Leather

This one used to be one of the best selling Little Trees car freshener until around the time they changed fragrance. Their older fragrance was way better. It smelled like musk unlike the new one that smells like old chemically leather.

12 Black Ice
13 New Car Scent
14 Vanillaroma
15 Strawberry
16 Bold Embrace
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