Top Ten Little Walter Songs

I'm very grateful to the person who introduced me to a wonderful Blues musician. This list is of my own personal favourites and are in no particular order. If I've missed any you think deserves to be included in this list, please feel free to add :)

The Top Ten

1 Can't Hold Out Much Longer

After forty cups of coffee, this is inevitable:).

Clever! ;). - Britgirl

2 White Boy Lost in the Blues

Make that...White "Girl" Lost In The Blues. I have totally fallen for it :). - Britgirl

3 Too Late
4 Hate to See You Go
5 Let the Good Times Roll
6 (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
7 Sad Hours
8 Mean Old World

It can be. Especially when certain people hold you back. - Britgirl

9 Boogie
10 Woman Trouble

The Contenders

11 Back Track

Boojie-woojie be-bop, babe.

Ya know, some kinds of music are so much more fun than others. Some kinds of aficionados, too:)).

12 Boom, Boom Out Goes the Light

A friend introduced me to this particular song by playing the Pat Travers version. It's crazy how blues rock changed over those 20 years. - Gg2000

13 Last Night
14 Blues with a Feeling
15 Tell Me, Mama

Tell me mama; couldn't possibly be that white boy lost in the blues 'cause not everyone in this mean old world thinks he's the most brilliant star shinin' at blue midnight... Could it?

16 Just Your Fool
17 Too Late, Brother
18 Off the Wall
19 My Babe
20 Forty Cups of Coffee

Before noon, for some of us;).

Aw, it was just the coffee talking.' It was my twin sister. The dog took my phone. You got nuthin' on me, COPPER! ;)). ('Sides, already listened to your bee-yooTeeful serenade. Neighbor's coonhound loved it, too;).

21 Mellow Down Easy
22 Roller Coaster
23 You're So Fine
24 Don't Mess Up a Good Thing
25 Who
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