Best Littlebigplanet3 Slappers

This is for future who is going to be the new best Lbp3 slapper these other people opinions

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1 No1_playerkiller

He's a great guy to vs and he loves to have fun and he cool guy to hang out with and he just a regular slapper no back slaps or none of that I respect that~HHH

He a regular slapper only guy he just find ways to make a situation turn to His favor I respect him for that~King

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2 jelani2000

Jelani2000 is a good slapper but I think he won take advantage of the 3D platforms, ~mich

He a great slapper but I think the 3D platfroms would stop him~Blade

My Father! ~Mich

3 killerboy12

Would need a whole New game plan Now being fast wont work this time:~BlackHaze

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4 BCK007

This dude is a great slapper I heard storys about him This deservse a place in the Top Tens ~swagboi

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5 Torre911

Has his ups and down but always comes back like he never left!
My Best Prodigy~ Jalani
My Brother~ Grizzly
Eww~ Mich

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