Top Ten Best Littlest Pet Shop Characters


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1 Zoe

Like her because she dresses up and she she is really pretty and she's really nice. LOL my sister just said that

Zoe is so fashionable and sweet! - Remihorse

She is cute duh!

NO! SHES SO STUPID! - RedTheGremlin

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2 Sunil

He is adorable! I think any Indian character is sweet and adorable (hence my favorite jessie character is ravi) And he always gets out of his little trouble ways

Sunil should be number 1 he is the cutest thing I've ever seen. And who doesn't love a cute pet who can do magic.

He's a coward, and he's funny. I like it when he does magic and when he screams when he is scared. I hope Pepper and Sunil date sometime!

Cuter than stinky Zoe. - RedTheGremlin

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3 Minka

Minka?! She is so annoying! All she does is blabber and be annoying! I don't get how people like her. She just gets on my nerves. It's just I actually had a dream once and she gave me a nightmare! Her voice is so squeaky and annoying but it's just annoying. And please don't hate on me it's not my fault I don't like her well it kind of is but still you can like her if you like her but in my opinion she's annoyed be squeaky and annoying weirdo. So like I said please don't hate on me. By the way I don't watch the show I used to though and she was my least favorite character. If I would meet her in person I would run away as fast as I could and cry in a corner and like I said before don't hate on me people it's not really my fault that in my opinion I don't like her so do not hate on me and I'm saying do not thank you! PS Minka is very annoying!

Minka's silly personality and artistic creativity makes me laugh every episode. I love Minka! - Remihorse

Minka is so cute! I mean come on she should be in penny's place!

She's my fave

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4 Vinnie

Vinnie's silly dancing makes me want to try! - Remihorse

Vinnie cracks me up with his dance moves and (no offense) I like his dumbness

Yeah, I can dance like Vinnie!

5 Blythe

The only reason why Blythe wasn't up there was because she wasn't an adorable pet! Blythe is so stylish and awesome! - Remihorse

This is were little miss perfect needs to be, in 6th place for once. he he he


6 Pepper

Pepper NEEDS to be higher she is better than Blythe and penny-ling and definitely Minka I mean come on pepper needs to be much higher

Pepper is so silly! - Remihorse

She is best Pet and everyone knows it

Yeah, I agree! Plus my brother does too!

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7 Sugar Sprinkles (AKA Secret Cupet)

Sugar Sprinkles is so cute! And she's like a pet Cupid! AMAZING - Remihorse

I love Sugar Sprinkles! She's awesome!

So Cute! She is my fave

Come on guys! She's got springs in her hair for goodness sake! And she's totally adorable! Also she got a great singing voice. 😺

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8 Buttercream

Buttercream' craziness makes her adorable! - Remihorse

I think so too!

Anywho, I think Buttercream is adorable.And funny

9 Penny Ling

So cute, she should be the best

Penny Ling is so adorable! - Remihorse


10 Brittney Biskit

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11 Whittany Biskit

One of the funniest characters in the show. She should be in the top 10

12 Ms. Twombly
13 Fisher Biskit
14 Russel

Although Russel is a perfectionist, he's always helping the team! - Remihorse

15 Sheriff Blythe
16 Youngmee


17 Roger Baxter

He is always messing up things up things or breaking them. He always give me a laugh

18 Delilah
19 CookieswirlC

Love this person! I totally vote for her even though she's not an lps! Everyone vote for CookieswirlC!

20 Velvet Biskit
21 Sage Bond


22 Cashmere Biskit
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