Best Littlest Pet Shop TV Show Characters

Here you can choose the top ten Littlest Pet Shop characters, but only ones that have been in the show, humans included.
The Top Ten
1 Zoe Trent

Zoe is my favorite and she is so fashionable. Many people like her and that is probably why she is at the top of this list

She is so like me! She loves fashion, singing, and she's my favourite animal and favorite color!

Zoe Trent is so amazing! We have so much in common! (Plus she is SUCH a good singer)

Isn't she so cute? I mean she is melodramatic, but isn't that what you like in a charater? Plus,she is a fashionista! Everyone loves fashion! If not DOGS!

2 Sunil Nevla

No wonder he's the second most liked and popular he's just such a cutie and he hates cobras and he's Indian that just makes Sunil who he is. we all love Sunil Nevla and so do all the pets

This little dude makes an awesome slapstick comedy character when it comes to awkward situations like this.

The funniest and adorable! I love his peculiar attitude, not the typical shy character, he has much potential

He's so adorable, very self aware when it comes to his cowardliness and has a cute Indian accent

3 Pepper Mildred Clark

Cutest thing I have ever seen in the history of cuteness! Always funny and prepared with a joke! The thing about skunks is that the have a smell to them, that is the same with pepper, when she is happy she smells GREAT! When she is nervous scared sad etc. NOT SO MUCH1 but no matter how she smells I just want to be her best friend!

I love pepper. Shes a stable tomboy being both funny and tough. The other main females are too girly.

Pepper has been my favorite from the start I'm even related to her in a way.

Pepper is so funny and awesome. Her and sunil are meant to be together.

4 Buttercream Sunday

Who thinks this is one of the cutest bunny characters ever adored for everyone else?

Buttercream is the skooshtabooshiest of all the skooshtabooshes!


Buttercream:What? (Ears twisting and feet tapping rapidly)(sighs) Anyhoo...

Best character on the show easily better than the 3 above her on this list

I love butter cream because she is very happy and funny and cute

5 Vinnie Alfonso Terrio

How can anyone dislike him? For being a clumsy goofball and not being as bright as the other daycampers? His imperfections are the reasons why I love him so much! Though he keeps trying his best to help the other pet's in his own way. He's also a loyal friend and has great songs! And let's not forget about his adorable bromance with Sunil. I love this silly gecko so much!

Are Vinnie and Sunil kind of like brothers? These two are hilarious!

Just hilarious and absolutely adorable.

Him and minka are my favourite

6 Blythe Baxter Blythe Baxter is the main human protagonist of Littlest Pet Shop. She has the uncanny ability to speak to and understand animals.

She's nice and awesome and I love her

7 Minka Mark

Shes a monkey version of pinkie pie sure pepper has the talent of comedy but Shes a tomboy and her personality is more like rainbow dashes.

She is so cute and is Pinkie Pie if she were an artistic monkey.

Why all the hate for minka she is so cute

Minka is my favorite

8 Sugar Sprinkles

Who doesn't like sugar sprinkles? She has a really good personality unlike someone most of the. I mean she's really cute she's really silly and I just really like her for some reason I mean if you don't like cats with sprinkles on their head you are crazy and I mean like crazy!

I love her! See all her episodes. I love cats but there are other cats in this show, I also really like Zoe but I also love cats.

Oh come on she is absolutely adorbs; SHE HAS SPRINKLES ON HER HEAD! Who doesn't like sprinkles? Also she is sister to butter cream Sunday, so even more cuteness! Vote for sugar she is awesome! Sugar sprinkles, who is CUTE, is the best she should be in top 3 also known as III also known as three also known as twah. Vote for sugar sprinkles vote for sugar sprinkles VOTE FOR SUGAR SPRINKLES!

She is almost equivalent to Caboose from the siries red vs blue and also I love cats.

9 Russell Ferguson

I think Russell should be #1 because he is so understanding, smart, nice, loving,caring, loyal and he knows all about his friends.

Look in his eyes and tell me that's he s not cute

Russell should be #1 he the best pet!

when I was like 7 ngl I had a crush on him, rewatchin the show now he's the best pet

10 Whittany and Brittany Biskit

Sure they may be mean, but it is a show. They're kinda fun to watch in the episodes.

The Contenders
11 Penny Ling

Adorable little panda who is shy but will always be there for her friends.

Penny long is the most adorable, hey! Who made this list anyways?

Penny ling is my favorite

She is cute and helpful.

12 Fisher Biskit

Fisher Biskit is my favorite Littlest Pet Shop character! He's such a cool character!

13 Mrs. Twombly
14 The Pink Monster from the Slumber Party Episode
15 Aunt Christie

She's a cool business woman!

She's a talented mutlitasker and businesswoman, she's Youngmees aunt, she's Buttercream's owner, and she's smexy!

16 The Biskit Twins' Butler
17 Ramon

Funny villain.

18 Delilah Barnsley

She's definitely my favourite character I'm the whole series. I love everything about her: her hair, her colours, her necklace, her voice, her songs and her accent. She's such cute cat and my favourite cartoon character ever. I could write a whole book about why Delilah is the best!

She's so cute in the T.V. show and as a toy. Also I love her British accent!

19 Kora Dixon

She should be in the top 10! She's a awesome friend to Blythe!

20 Shahrukh

He was snarky and funny and just a good character in general! His song was amazing too! I hope he comes back to the series.

He needs to come back to LPS. He was a great character who cares if he was little jerky!

He Is My Favorite!

21 Gail Trent
22 Heidi
23 Madison

Madison is pretty funny. She's a steriotypical akward dumb girl

24 Monban

At least he's not as bad as Gooble!

25 Young Mee Song
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