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21 Monban

At least he's not as bad as Gooble!

He makes me vomit. If you see him,shoot the T.V. like elvis did, watch strange hill high or play plants vs zombies 2 far future day 10. When you watch strange hill high, only watch episodes S1E1, S1E10,S2E1,S2E4,S2E7,S2E8,S2E10,S2E11 and S2E13. S2E7 and S2E8 are particularly helpful because in these episodes Nimrod (The maths teacher) does something funny. In S2E7 he drinks coffee and in S2E8 he turns pink [which is funny because he is obviously male (I referred to him with "he")]. Day 10 of PVZ2 far future is helpful because it has the Disco tron 3000.If all else fails, watch big hero 6 or play 5 nights at Freddy's.

22 Young Mee Song
23 Roger Baxter
24 Ms. Twombly

She's cool

25 Olive
26 Jasper
27 Sue
28 Delilah Barnsley
29 Esteban

He was a good character I hope he comes back in Season 4

He need's more fans...

He was different from all the other Spanish characters to me... He was awesome!

30 Josh Sharp

This character is so boring. He should be last on the list! - Weasltown

31 Heidi
32 Madison

Madison is pretty funny. She's a steriotypical akward dumb girl

33 Emma Hart
34 Madame Pom
35 John
36 Clarissa
37 Shivers
38 Whittman Biskit
39 Brittman Biskit
40 Mr. Dale
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