Top Ten Liv and Maddie Episodes that Should Be Created

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I'm suprised this list isn't made by Disney1994. - Userguy44

Dumb Ways To Die-A-Rooney

They'll use their private parts as piranha bait

I think that is a good episode

Ebola, Genocide, Murder, and Alcoholic-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie lose their way when Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill team up to kill Liv and Maddie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Where the Dead Go to Die-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie's names get written in the Death Note, where they are subjected to a painful and long-lasting death where they are burnt at the stake like the spoiled witches they are. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Liv and Maddie enter a demolition derby and get into a fatal crush with every participant, where they are pronounced dead at the hospital and a laugh track plays afterwards. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A Pal For-A-Rooney

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Every president of the United States from American history from George Washington up to Barack Obama and Donald Trump each drop an atomic bomb on Liv and Maddie high from the sky. And then America is made great again, stronger together, because yes, we can since the only way to make America great again was to destroy Liv and Maddie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Bellwether uses her dart gun to make Liv go savage and tear Maddie's head off - ZootopiaFan


Liv and Maddie are put into a game show where they have to avoid getting whacked by a giant metallic hammer as much as possible. In that game show, they get whacked multiple times by the hammer into flat pancakes until they get splattered into blood. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Every TopTenner shoots Liv and Maddie with their own shotgun nonstop until Liv and Maddie fall to the ground and become zombies, only to be shot down again and sent to the deepest darkest corner of the seven hells, their souls roasting, screaming endlessly under the wrath of Satan. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

True end: Jamie (Jamie261) teaches all TopTenners a lesson with his laser gadgets which kills them, and revives Liv and Maddie since they don't deserve to harassed. THE END.

Face Freeze-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie's faces freeze forever so they can't talk yay!


I think it's obvious what this is.


Saitama from One Punch Man one-shot punches both Liv and Maddie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Count Spankulot from Codename: Kids Next Door spanks the living hell out of Liv and Maddie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Santa Claus runs over Liv and Maddie with his reindeer... and then beats Liv and Maddie to death with a chainsaw! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Donald Trump-A-Rooney
Jurassic Park-A-Rooney
Miley Cyrus-a-Rooney

Miley kills Liv and Maddie with her annoying songs and murders Justin Bieber, then Rebecca Black kills her, then Donald Trump kills Rebecca, then Nicki Minaj assassinates Trump, then the Teletubbies kill Nicki, then Michael Bay blows up the Teletubbies - ZootopiaFan

Teen Wolf-A-Rooney

Where a random werewolf comes and kills Liv and Maddie - ZootopiaFan

One Course-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie get run over by a bus! Hallelujah! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Haha LOL So Funny - VideoGamefan5

The End of a Terrible Sitcom-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie commit suicide by slicing themselves


Liv and Maddie let Cartman live with them, but he acts up, and they kick him out
of the house. Later, him, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, maybe Butters, decide
to destroy all of the world. They use Joey as a scapegoat, and talk for the last 10 minutes of the episode

World War III-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie get in a war and someone shoots them with a flamethrower

Teen Titans Go!-A-Rooney

Donald Trump stumps Liv and Maddie by building a wall around them and detonating an atomic bomb inside the wall Liv and Maddie are in so that they get killed while he takes cover. And this is coming from someone who hates Donald Trump. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Boku no Pico-A-Rooney
The Elder Scrolls-A-Rooney

Liv And Maddie Get Sent To the Elder Scrolls! - VideoGamefan5

Ren Seeks Help-A-Rooney

Plot: Ren tortures Liv and Maddie 'til they die.

Pray Anything

The Family Buys A Church To Live In It

Different Way-A-Rooney

Parker urinates in Maddie's mouth


Kitsada and Spencer get whacked by Mitchell McRae with a hammer, and Liv hits Kitsada in the face.

- Gamecubes

P.S, He's better than you, MSS.

Highschool of the Dead-A-Rooney
New Guy-A-Rooney
Outlaw Star-A-Rooney
The Good Dinosaur-A-Rooney
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie-A-Rooney
Infinity War-A-Rooney
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