Top Ten Live Action Anime/Manga Adaptations

Ever seen an anime turned into a live action movie? Here we start to collect the ones that are the best!

The Top Ten

1 Rurouni Kenshin

Honestly, I thought I'd get really disappointed because I usually hate live versions but this one was really amazing. Loved it so much.

The portrayal made by Takeru Satoh was excellent! And the movie was very well made! - Joicerojo

2 Death Note

Great film! I love death note!

It was great adaptation! - Joicerojo

3 Gantz
4 Battle Spaceship Yamato V 1 Comment

Just a minor blip: Mizushima Hiro speaking English needed more work - Joicerojo

6 Initial D

Even though it was made in Hong Kong, it was a decent adaptation - Joicerojo

V 1 Comment
7 Lovely Complex

It was very funny - Joicerojo

8 City Hunter

Jackie Chan was so funny in this one! - Joicerojo

9 Crying Freeman

The Contenders

11 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
12 Kimi ni Todoke Kimi ni Todoke
13 L-DK
14 Hana Yori Dango
15 Battle Royale
16 Peach Girl Peach Girl
17 Mars
18 Avatar

Even though Avatar isn't an anime, the live-action movie SUCKED.

I don't Avatar is an anime though...Maybe it is...

19 Crows Zero
20 Edge of Tomorrow
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