Top 10 Live Avenged Sevenfold Songs

Avenged Sevenfold sounds great live, and these are the songs by them that sound best.

The Top Ten

1 A Little Piece of Heaven

My 2 favorite song by them, behind afterlife, but this is their best live song. There is a reason that they finish with this song at almost every concert the have. It a exciting song that pumps you up, and the blend of strings makes you hypnotic. The Revs vocals in this song are almost on pair with shadows and zacky gates and chris are amazing as usually. RIP REV.

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2 So Far Away

One of my favorites, it desrves to be in the top 3, it is just so beautiful, the meaning and the melody work perfectly

3 Nightmare

Nightmare should be number one

4 Afterlife
5 Critical Acclaim

One of those rare songs that actually sounds better live, Rev's voice was (is) so amazing

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6 Unholy Confessions

2 best song of the best album ever

7 Not Ready to Die
8 Seize the Day

Great song! Must listen to it, man!
P.S.- why is there no comments here, man! - dusk_taker

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9 Hail to the King
10 Dear God

An Amazing song for catholics like myself

The Contenders

11 Almost Easy
12 Bat Country

12? really? This song got me into Avenged Sevenfold. Its old but Gold

This song is so unbelievabley amazing that I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it.
Go Synyster Gates.

13 Beast and the Harlot
14 Welcome to the Family
15 Buried Alive
16 Save Me
17 Scream
18 Shepherd of Fire
19 M.I.A.
20 Second Heartbeat
21 This Means War
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1. Afterlife
2. So Far Away
3. Nightmare
1. A Little Piece of Heaven
2. Seize the Day
3. So Far Away
1. Afterlife
2. Unholy Confessions
3. Not Ready to Die

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