Top 10 Live Blind Guardian Songs

The atmosphere at their shows is awesome, with a high degree of audience's involvement, as you can see on their live DVD "Imaginations Through the Looking Glass". It was recorded in Coburg, Germany.

This list includes songs that fans enjoy when played live and not only songs from the live DVD.

The Top Ten Live Blind Guardian Songs

The Bard's Song (In the Forest)

Hansi takes a break thanks to this song because the fans sing for him most of the time. When 100,000 people sing your songs for you, you know you are great. The version from the live DVD is my favorite live version. - Metal_Treasure


The live performance from the mentioned DVD has one of the most incredible moments I've ever seen at a live show - the crowd continued to sing the chorus for 3-4 minutes and didn't want to stop even though Hansi finished the song several times! The youtube video with this live performance has over 6.5 million views, which is much more than the studio versions. - Metal_Treasure


This song is one of the pearls on their crown and fans love hearing it live. - Metal_Treasure

Banish from Sanctuary

A very fast song but they nail it live - the version from the live DVD+CD is even better than the studio version. - Metal_Treasure

Lord of the Rings

This song is slow but very intense and I always like its live renditions, too. Hansi puts so much passion in it. It has several live versions but my favorite is probably from their live album "Tokyo Tales" (audio).
On the DVD version I love the moment when Hansi sings "Slow down" but the fans don't wanna slow down - they start jumping! - Metal_Treasure

Mirror, Mirror

Fans favorite - studio and live. Blind Guardian play it at every show. - Metal_Treasure

A Past and Future Secret

This unique beauty always moves me - live versions are awesome, too. - Metal_Treasure

Into the Storm

I like the most a live version from a show circa 2002, probably in Stuttgart, Germany. It's a non-official video on youtube, recorded by a fan and the quality isn't very good but the performance of the band is amazing. Hansi vocals are unbelievable on this version. The youtube video is uploaded by the user Ownador X. - Metal_Treasure

The Script for My Requiem

I think this song sounds better live. - Metal_Treasure

And Then There Was Silence

Playing this song live is already heroism... Not many bands go for such tough material live - the song is a long and complex composition (14 mins), with many changes, symphonic arrangement... and lyrics are like 3 miles long.
But they still play it live. Stubborn Germans, haha. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

Welcome to Dying
Traveler in Time

It's a very fast yet melodic song and this is a challenge live. My favorite live version is from Wacken 2007 - I like the intro shouts and the crowd at the end of the song. - Metal_Treasure

Mordred's Song
I'm Alive
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