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21 MTV Unplugged - Nirvana V 1 Comment
22 On Stage - Rainbow

This album is amazing, every song is outstanding capturing two of the greatest musicians ever at their finest. The songs absolutely come to life and top the studio recordings

23 The Last Waltz - The Band With Friends
24 The Last Stand - Cold Chisel
25 Sam Cooke - Live at Harlem Square Club, 1963
26 Foghat Live

Only a single live album when everyone was putting out double live albums, but it doesn't matter because what it makes up for in length, it makes up for in energy. High octane versions of Fool For the City, Slow Ride, I Just Want to Make Love to You, a well as other boogie-woogie foot stompers. Crank it up! - CharlieBrown

27 Jimi Plays Monterey - Jimi Hendrix
28 Live at River Plate - AC/DC
29 Concert for George - Various Artists
30 How the West Was Won - Led Zeppelin
31 Live at Reading - Nirvana
32 Strangers in the Night - UFO

The best live album you never heard. Few bands sound better live. These guys were about to become huge - like Bad Company and Foreigner.

V 1 Comment
33 Under a Blood Red Sky - U2
34 Unplugged - Alice In Chains

Better then Nirvana unplugged - Sabbath

35 At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash
36 Live: Right Here, Right Now - Van Halen

Sammy Hagar on vocals love the live acoustic version of Give to Live

37 Live Bullet - Bob Seger

You don't just get great get a tiny piece of his soul! Excellent recording, great depth!

Like KISS Alive, this offers definitive versions of Bob's earlier songs, including Rambling Gambling Man, Turn the Page, and Katmandu. - CharlieBrown

38 Live Rust - Neil Young
39 At Fillmore East - The Allman Brothers Band
40 Alchemy Live - Dire Straits
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