Best "Live Your Life By" Quotes Altered Hilariously

The Top Ten
1 When life gives you lemons throw them at people you hate
2 If at first you don't succeed skydiving is not for you
3 Love is in the air. Not really, just oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen .

And air pollution. All that love is ruining our atmosphere. - Merilille

4 When the Caterpillar thought the world was going to end he thought of this original quote got his hopes up and then someone cut off his cocoon.

That truly is how life works, just when you get you hopes up, your hit with something you were blinded of before.

The original quote is "when the caterpillar thought the world would end he turned into a butterfly - AnonymousChick

5 I am your worst nightmare... Oh no! The one with the flying turkey from Antarctica eating my chicken fingers?!
6 Your heart is in the right place. In your chest where all hearts are.

Nope. I, and many others wear our hearts on our sleeves.

7 You couldn't help them. Who am I kidding? You could have saved her life
8 When life gives you lemons sell them to get rich.
9 Money can't buy you happiness unless if you look in the right places
10 You couldn't be better. If you were trying to sing like Justin Bieber and Nikki Minaj's kid
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