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1 Type Type

Type should be No. 2. It's the first Living Colour song I listened to and still have fond memories of from the early 90s in my late teens. However I strongly believe that C.O.P. should be No. 1. "We are the children of concrete and steel. This is the place where the truth is concealed. This is the time when the lie is revealed. Everything is possible but nothing n-nothing n-nothing n-nothing----------" You can sing along! - StephB

2 Cult of Personality Cult of Personality

This isn't my favourite just because it's CM Punks theme song. It's just genuinely awesome. - RIDDLER2K15

I miss CM Punk

ah gh3

3 Nothingness Nothingness
4 Solace of You
5 This is the Life
6 Information Overload
7 Flying
8 Pride
9 Ausländer
10 Open Letter to a Landlord

The Contenders

11 Song Without Sin
12 Fight the Fight
13 Middle Man
14 Go Away
15 Bi
16 Desperate People
17 Who Shot Ya?
18 Glamour Boys
19 I Want to Know
20 What's Your Favorite Color?
21 Which Way to America
22 Broken Hearts
23 Someone Like You
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1. Cult of Personality
2. Nothingness
3. Solace of You
1. Type
2. This is the Life
3. Information Overload


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