Best Liza Minnelli Songs

The Top Ten

1 Meantime
2 Quiet Thing (Live)
3 Try to Remember
4 Plenty of Time
5 It Amazes Me
6 Mein Herr
7 Don't Drop Bombs
8 I Want You Now
9 So Sorry I Said
10 I'm All I've Got

The Contenders

11 Seeing Things

No one like you Liza!

12 Quiet Love

Perfection one more time. Liza, you make me shiver with your performances. Amazing, amazing! No one could have performed this better than you.

13 Maybe This Time

Is it possible not to love Liza Minnelli? No it is not.

14 Live Alone and Like It
15 You Fascinate Me So
16 Moments Like This

Liza, your songs and your artistic nature makes me dream away. Needless to say you have moved me so many times with your performances. You have it in your soul clearly.

17 Close Your Eyes
18 On Such a Night As This
19 Losing My Mind
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