Top 10 Best Locations to Have Your Birthday Party At

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1 A Haunted House
2 A Park
3 Buffet

I did this for my 26th birthday AND IT WAS AWESOME!

4 Discovery Cove
5 Disney's Animal Kingdom
6 Disney's California Adventure
7 Chuck E. Cheese's

Yes, that would be a great place for a children's party.

I would ride the Ken-Chuck-E-Derby horse NON-STOP!

Happy birthday, Anya!

8 Dave & Buster's

I really wanna go there next time.

9 Disney's Hollywood Studios
10 Six Flags

I wish! My birthday is really close to spring break, and I live 1 1/2 hrs away from Six Flags Great Adventure, so I could go celebrate my birthday there during spring break, but unfortunately my parents are really boring, and we NEVER go anywhere during spring break. :(

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11 Pump it Up

Happy birthday, Nana!

12 Disneyland

I wish! :(

13 A Carnival
14 Your Best Friend's House
15 Golfland
16 Great America

I love near Great Adventure. I wish I could celebrate there.

17 School
18 Disneyland Paris

Bonne anniversaire, Yumi!

19 Las Vegas Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.
20 Gulli Parc

J'adore Gulli Parc!

Bonne anniversaire Gabriella!

Je avoir une gateau de Z-Squad pour toi, Gabriella.

Tu vraiment adorer les Z-Squad! Tu es ma princesse!

21 Jenkinson's Boardwalk

My birthday is in the spring, not summer, so in order for me to spend my birthday at the Jersey Shore, my birthday has to be in between late June-mid August. (Late August isn’t an option due to the majority of us having to go back to school, and my parents NEVER go anywhere during Labor Day weekend). Also it would be spent at either Seaside Heights, Ocean City, or Atlantic City. My parents won’t visit Point Pleasant or other towns (I asked them many times and they constantly say no)

22 Walt Disney World

I wish...too bad my family NEVER travels during spring break... :(

23 Universal Studios Florida

wish I can go someday!

I wish...too bad my family NEVER travels during spring break... :(

24 Six Flags Magic Mountain

I wish! Only if I were visiting my cousins and aunt in LA during spring break, but unfortunately my family NEVER flies during spring break! :(

25 Jump Zone

Happy birthday, Sadie!

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