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1 Under Pressure

The song got me into logic and its just so lyrically amazing and the 9 min version makes it all the better

His best song, from his best album. Anybody who says otherwise is kidding themselves. The mixtape days were great. Welcome to Forever was an incredible project. However, his sound has since improved, his instrumentation has evolved, and this song is the pinnacle of his major label tracks. 9 minutes of complete emotion and beautiful production. Honestly, I could listen to this song until the end of time.

Sick Song. The best for sure

Solid lyrics, different perspectives, awesome storytelling, polished production, crystal clear rapping, insane flow with insane flow switches, a rollercoaster of emotions.

Easily the best rap song ever made in my opinion.

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2 Gang Related

This song is beasty!

song op

Best one

When the second verse comes on I faint

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3 1-800-273-8255

An easy and low synth plays 4 different pitches over and over, providing a sad mood to the song. This is by far the most effective part of why the song is so appealing. Even if it isn't a song that Logic can relate to personally, it is one that millions can relate to. Suicide is something that's so hard to talk about, and to not only have it in a musical format, but one that is quite good, is something that can truly help people in their times of need, and leave a lasting impression upon the world. It's not only a song for the suicidal, but it can be easy to relate to in almost all bad times. It is a masterpiece and probably Logic's most successful song to date. It is and most likely will always be my favorite song ever.

Oh no you can't to do logic like this, this is nowhere near top ten logic songs.

This song personally is the reason I'm alive right right know I tried to commit suicide a couple of times and I couldn't express my feelings but this song helped me get over my suicidal thoughts by helping me express my feelings and talk about it

This song has a great message, but just barely touches the surface. He coulda put more effort and lyricism and dug deeper.

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4 5am

Beat is killer and the song is one of his best to a lyrical standard

Song is lit

Dope beat, dope flow, Artanis.

best song.

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5 44 Bars

I’m listening to this right now! - sadical

Raps about important things in life, not flexing too much and the beat is killer.

The beat is a winner. Best song ever!

When he said,"People don't buy the music in this day and age they buy the brand".

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6 Man of the Year

To me its 1

Can't believe its at number 6

Man of the year has to be top 3

Lyrically deep, one of those songs that make you think deep about things going on in your life. Easily his best song.

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7 Soul Food

My favorite song by Logic. Amazing beat switch, clever lyrics, such an amazing flow.

Beat switch is fire

Logic spitting straight bars throughout the entire song

Thought the first two minutes were fire. He comes right out and hits the beat with an elegant flow. Then he switched it up and continues to describe his struggles.

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8 Till the End

Easily My Darkest Confession Is Lyrical Agression


Crazy flow

Flippin amazing

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9 Alright

Honestly I had never heard of him until this, How have I never heard him? He is great, my new favorite by far! Very talented, but I really liked this song!

Smooth flow, meaningful lyrics, solid beat, quality Big Sean verse, its fantastic all around.

When you sound better than Big Sean and still don't get recognition...

This song proves that he has what it takes to be great in the rap game

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10 44 More

love it

I like this song much more than 44 Bars. I feel like this song has some of the most clever lyrics out of any of his songs. Definitely in my top 5.

The bars on here are too fire for #2, so it's gotta be #1! A good upbeat sequel to the slower, more mellow, "44 Bars". 15/10, logic is the goat!

This deserves to be top 10. I feel like this song was probably so fire because he felt 44 Bars wasn't enough, it wasn't hardcore enough. Definitely in my top 5.

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? Keanu Reeves

I love this song but where is Confessions of A Dangerous Mind (the song)?
Confessions of A Dangerous Mind is in my opinion his best song and the album is his best album (again in my opinion)

One Of The Best Songs on The latest album

Great beat and good lyrics!

His best song since 44 more

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11 Nikki

Earlier I was saying logic should write a novel. Well, now, in 2019, he has...

This just proves he's one of the best, being able to personify nicotine and seem like his girlfriend, as well as make it sound like he's addicted to drugs, perfect!

I mean I made every friend of mine listen to this.. And asked them about the meaning of the song...after telling them the real meaning and let them listen to it once again it kills

Amazing song one of my favourite Logic songs, first time I heard this song it made me cry because it had a good meaning and I just love this song because it talks about his addiction with nicotine! Good song should be at least top 3

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12 Buried Alive

One of his most creative songs in my opinion. Second verse goes hard.

Outstanding lyrics and sound

His fast flows in mid kill it

Underrated and such a great song. Better than 44 bars. I'm ofc.

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13 Metropolis

Awesome flow and bars

Amazing lyricism and production quality.

Top 5 in my opinion, I am a diehard Rattpack member, and I remeber first listening when the song came out, amazing jazz vibe and dope flow!

This is my favorite song by logic. It uses the drum sample perfectly and the lyrics are great. also has a very good, jazzy sound that is sounds great. Also the part on the train tied in well with the rest of the song

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14 Walk On By

Cutthroat lyricism, rides beat like a pro.

Should be #1 - jameshoward

Great beat, really catchy and great lyrics

Bump to it easily

15 All I Do

The song has a good pace and flow. One of my favorite Logic songs.

To be honest it just has one of the best feels ever

This song I feel was the pinnacle of logics success. I feel like in this music video he was fitting the more "main stream" rapper look, while the lyrics say otherwise. It's amazing to see where he's come from since that song and to see the way he's created his "look" today, wearing no bling and just jeans and a sweatshirt make this video and song powerful in itself.

A really classic style beat with some brilliant lyrics and good singing vocals, such an underrated song from logic. Definitely one of his best!

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16 Fade Away

This song is easily the best logic song I've ever heard. Should be #1, the best goes perfectly with logics flow. Super catchy and upbeat.

Man, I can’t help but get into this song when it comes on. Best. Song. By. Logic.

Ok how the hell is song not top 5. This is logics favorite in the true story

So good, easily top 3 for me

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17 Flexicution

This song is fire!

Best earrape song ever


2nd Best off of BT1 behind 44 Bars.

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18 Ballin

Lit and fast paced

An energizing flexing song, aye!

Logic is so energizing and castro killed the rap

so lit!

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19 Young Sinatra 3

How is this only #18? Definitely deserves to be in the top 10. Pure fire!

I don't know why this is at 32 only, this is the song which made his career take off not even 1-800-273-8255 could match this song.

Flow is crazy. If anyone wants to listen to Logic, they should start it with this one

This song is good! Why is it so low?

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20 City of Stars

Logics best song easily, the beats amazing, the lyrics are some of the best I have ever heard, and the second half of the song is simply amazing. Easily logics best song and maybe one of the best rap song ever in my opinion.

My favorite song, you can't not like this song

HIs most diverse song. My favorite

Amazing, could jam to this anytime

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21 Take It Back

Great Song about his life

Awesome one, I started listening to logic in the last year, very sad I hadn't listened to him earlier. one of the most underrated rappers. unlike the so-called rappers nowadays. he raps and sings from the bottom of his heart. no words could describe him. his words touched my heart, and I put his songs on repeat trying to understand every word he raps. he deserves the best. and I adore him.

22 Super Mario World

This song brings me back


I don’t like this song that much cause it’s kind of repetitive - sadical

One of the most unique beats I've ever heard, not his #1 but I'd say probably top 7 at least

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23 Mind of Logic

Inspiring message, beautiful beat and god damn what an amazing flow!

A personal favorite of mine and will always be. Not his best but it's so uplifting and feel-good. It has a great flow too!

The combination of a classic hip hop beat and positive, inspiring lyrics makes this one of my all time favourite Logic tracks

This song is just incredible so much flow

24 Driving Ms. Daisy

This song is amazing.

AN overall amazing song you can play this to anyone

Logic and Gambino... says enough

Amazing - Legend6113

25 Run It

Doope hoe u know I run it

The beat is amazing, and that flow, also, please, pyrocynical, please notice me senpai

26 Black Spiderman

Spider-Man should be white but song still hits!

Powerful Inspiring Message with Great Bars and one of the best features to appear on a logic song!

Contains a powerful message that gets you high on emotion. Great song

The message and the beat share a real beauty

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27 Lord Willin

First Logic song I ever heard. It might just be the nostalgia, but nothing else he's done has topped this for me.


I know every word from this song. Definitely best on ITS. The beat and tone are simple and mellow, but his flow is insane and the lyrics are profound.

Beset song on an amazing album

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28 The Spotlight

Really shows what Young Sinatra really was, I could listen everyday

Favourite logic song

One of the catchiest songs I've heard with an interesting beat this song shows logics true versatility as a rapper

Easily one of logics best song with a very catchy chorus

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29 Young Jesus

Not his greatest in lyricism, but it's one of, if not his biggest banger. Logic and Lenbo make a dynamic pair.


Quite a banger

BRUH I'm not kidding. This is the best song by LOGIC. No diggity no doubt for real

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30 Now

One of the best flows

31 Intro

This song is beautiful - a perfect intro from a beautiful album. One of my favorite hip-hop/rap album intros of all time, without a doubt. Deserves at least top 10 in my books. Gang Related, Beggin’, Under Pressure, Run It, and 5AM should take top 5 though.

32 Nasty

This song is a masterpiece of lyricism

This song is one of the best its old school logic

Took the words right out of my mouth - Finals15

This song is... Nasty

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33 Stainless

Pretty damn good, also his fastest verse aside from Jack the Ripper


Best song of of The Incredible True Story. Amazing flow and a killer hook

What this song is so underrated why is this not higher

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34 Everybody

I like the flow of the song really gets me going

Really good song


35 Warm It Up

The subtle call backs to his young Sinatra days for lyrics such as "God damn I'm a miraculous man" from his live on the air song. How isn't this higher!

Why is this all the way down here? We all know this song is a beast of a song and a return of Young Sinatra. One of his best. Ever.

36 Young Jedi


One of my favorites. I could jam to this all day.

37 Roll Call

too low

Dope as

38 Never Been
39 Growing Pains III

Amazing concept and beats. The story behind it is a deep reflection on a childhood memory and a great abstract idea for the second half. One of his best should be in the top ten!

Needs to be top 10 great bars with great beat and flow!

Straight bars and lyricism and he shows us what its like to be bobby

40 Africaryan

The best logic song.

Good 12 minute song that’s not a bad 2 minute song with 10 minutes of the same boring music over and over again *cough* maroon 5 - sadical

Personally the only thing I think kills this is the skit. Other than that, probably my favorite song now!

Great song, widest meaning and the meaning is dope!

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41 Bounce

So under rated definitely a top 10.

Sooo underrated

The second verse is the best thing I have ever heard

Didn't like it at first but actually one of the best beats ever

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42 As I Am

Makes you think about who your friends actually are and gets you out there

This is such an uplifting and supporting song, and while he isn't spitting bars like a lot of his songs, it's truly touching!

This song makes me feel not like a failure

43 I Am the Greatest

Definitely top 20

The title isn’t a lie. Logic is the greatest - sadical

For sure top 30

So good!

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44 Killing Spree

When Logic performed this song at a concert, everyone was jumping around and so excited, it was so cool! - sadical

My name jeff, also it's a good song with a powerful message and strong beat.

The hook is amazing

Absolute fire - Forhad_765

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45 Deeper Than Money

I LOVE IT SO MUCH - sadical

Is hella good

Really awesome shot with realistic lyrics


46 Anziety

Its incredible! I enjoyed it but not as inspiring as his other songs like "Dear God"

Easily his best song. Rapping from the perspective of anxiety to show how those who have it that anxiety helps us see the beauty of life.

Maybe Logic's best work with a powerful speech to cap it off. Simply terrific.

47 Paradise

This is easily my Top Five, the beat switch, the story, the flow, and the bass makes this one of the best logic songs ever. How is this not higher?


48 Inception

Short but most underrated song he has

This should be top 20 only negative is that it is too short

Come on, the beat is so nostalgic, his flow and lyrics are sick. First Logic song I listened to, still my favourite till this day.


49 Dead Presidents III

Wow this man destroys this track. If you have never heard it, I suggest listening to it cause it is lyrical destruction at its finest

This might as well be his best song lyrically, very underrated song.

Why the hell is this 40? This song is insane

Should be a lot higher

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50 Numbers

Needs to be at least in the top ten it's a classic

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