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1 Under Pressure Under Pressure

The story is beautiful, but especially the beat. I can't believe this isn't number 1. His best song, and maybe even the best song I've ever heard.

Unbeatable. Instrumental and flow and storytelling on this track is unreal.

The extended version of this song is fire. Some of the deepest and hardest in the game. Logic is out here killin it


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2 5am

Ranked 28th on a top 50, cause bull, he killed this

I just love this song and kind of think it is the best one he made.

Its just fire, no other words to explain it. Lol

Good flow

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3 Gang Related Gang Related

Easily his best song. The first part is about his struggles with his family growing up and paints a picture of what he saw from his family's accounts. The second verse is him rapping as his brother, wishing for Bobby's safety and to get out of the street life.

His commentary on this song makes everything. It's about such a real topic. The part with the news lady gets me every time. This song is so important.

Best album, best song (there isn't really any best all his music is amazing)

The song is deep asf and he's real about how his early life was complete trash and full of struggles. Its just an extremely deep story told from two point of views

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4 Man of the Year

Lyrically deep, one of those songs that make you think deep about things going on in your life. Easily his best song.

Lyrically deep, love this song because it inspires you to go after you dreams.

This is Obviously his best song.

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5 Alright

When you sound better than Big Sean and still don't get recognition...

This song proves that he has what it takes to be great in the rap game

This song hypes me up but calms me down at the same time. It's beautiful.

Love the vibe this song gives off

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6 Nikki Nikki

This just proves he's one of the best, being able to personify nicotine and seem like his girlfriend, as well as make it sound like he's addicted to drugs, perfect!

I mean I made every friend of mine listen to this.. And asked them about the meaning of the song...after telling them the real meaning and let them listen to it once again it kills

Tells a great story with a surprise ending

The lyrics of this song were so thought through and flow so smoothly

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7 44 Bars 44 Bars

The beat is a winner. Best song ever!

It's so good. The beat is pure gold. Best song on Bobby Tarantino 4 sure.

I love this song it is very underrated - Hiimme

Love this song

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8 Soul Food Soul Food

Thought the first two minutes were fire. He comes right out and hits the beat with an elegant flow. Then he switched it up and continues to describe his struggles.

Great song love how it has a time change to it and cool beats. 2nd best song - JCchrom3

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9 Ballin

Logic is so energizing and castro killed the rap

I wouldn't vote this as logics best, but castro murdered this song holy crap

This song is so energizing and I love it - Ajkloth

the best

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10 Buried Alive Buried Alive V 3 Comments

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? Common Logic / Midnight Marauder
? Feels Good Feels Good

His is way too low its impossible not to feel good after listening to this song

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11 Flexicution Flexicution

I don't like this song too mainstream

Logic killed this beat and his lyrics were very deep

Logics newest and best song

This song is lit

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12 All I Do

A really classic style beat with some brilliant lyrics and good singing vocals, such an underrated song from logic. Definitely one of his best!

Classic, everything about it is beautiful and truly underrated.

The first logic song I ever listened to. Got me hooked

It's chilled, good vibes all through, adds in a bunch of things that make up Logic songs even in 2016 he still features a lot of aspects of this song. good classic.

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13 Metropolis Metropolis

So soothing and has the perfect jazzy sound

Such a chill song

Love the beat

So underrated. 6ix produced this beat beautifully and Logic executed it with class. My personal favorite of any Logic song.

14 Nasty

Took the words right out of my mouth - Finals15

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15 Till the End Till the End

Not the best, but should be way higher. One of his best beats ever.

Smooth yet clever verses. He kills the outro. Should be top 5 for sure

The outro to this song is amazing

Absolute perfect blend of hype and lyricism

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16 As I Am

Makes you think about who your friends actually are and gets you out there

17 Super Mario World Super Mario World

One of the most unique beats I've ever heard, not his #1 but I'd say probably top 7 at least

Somehow chill and hype, just a logic vibe

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18 Young Sinatra 3

He kills this song. Extremely underrated song by one of the best rappers alive.

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19 Now Now
20 Growing Pains III Growing Pains III
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