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1 Under Pressure

His best song, from his best album. Anybody who says otherwise is kidding themselves. The mixtape days were great. Welcome to Forever was an incredible project. However, his sound has since improved, his instrumentation has evolved, and this song is the pinnacle of his major label tracks. 9 minutes of complete emotion and beautiful production. Honestly, I could listen to this song until the end of time.

The story is beautiful, but especially the beat. I can't believe this isn't number 1. His best song, and maybe even the best song I've ever heard.

Unbeatable. Instrumental and flow and storytelling on this track is unreal.


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2 Gang Related

Easily his best song. The first part is about his struggles with his family growing up and paints a picture of what he saw from his family's accounts. The second verse is him rapping as his brother, wishing for Bobby's safety and to get out of the street life.

Logic's flow on this track is phenomenal and although Logic isn't usually thought of as an "ill lyricist" he really came through with some killer lyrics here. On top of that is this song's fantastic beat which really sets the mood for the song both lyrically and flow wise; it's deep yet exciting. The recording of the news report works great as a replacement for the hook and helps to further set the scene of a dangerous and crime filled neighborhood.

His commentary on this song makes everything. It's about such a real topic. The part with the news lady gets me every time. This song is so important.

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3 5am

Ranked 28th on a top 50, cause bull, he killed this

I just love this song and kind of think it is the best one he made.

Best song ever straight up

Shows how his child hood was like and how he is today verry moving

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4 Man of the Year

Lyrically deep, one of those songs that make you think deep about things going on in your life. Easily his best song.

Lyrically deep, love this song because it inspires you to go after you dreams.

This is Obviously his best song.

Glorious song!

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5 Alright

When you sound better than Big Sean and still don't get recognition...

This song proves that he has what it takes to be great in the rap game

This song hypes me up but calms me down at the same time. It's beautiful.

Even though this song isn’t even on the standard Under Pressure album, it still holds up to be one of his best

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6 Soul Food

Thought the first two minutes were fire. He comes right out and hits the beat with an elegant flow. Then he switched it up and continues to describe his struggles.

Great song love how it has a time change to it and cool beats. 2nd best song - JCchrom3

How is Flexicution better than this?


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7 Nikki

This just proves he's one of the best, being able to personify nicotine and seem like his girlfriend, as well as make it sound like he's addicted to drugs, perfect!

I mean I made every friend of mine listen to this.. And asked them about the meaning of the song...after telling them the real meaning and let them listen to it once again it kills

Amazing song one of my favourite Logic songs, first time I heard this song it made me cry because it had a good meaning and I just love this song because it talks about his addiction with nicotine! Good song should be at least top 3

I think this is his best song... Deep meaning - Iam_dbz

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8 1-800-273-8255

This song personally is the reason I'm alive right right know I tried to commit suicide a couple of times and I couldn't express my feelings but this song helped me get over my suicidal thoughts by helping me express my feelings and talk about it

This is by far the saddest logic song of all time because it tells people about how someone with depression was gay and had suicidal thoughts for a while and this song and music video made me cry

This is #1 by far. It tells a story about suicidal people and that number is there for people to call. The song is very emotional, which is why I give it #1.

This song brings out on what people are going through in there lives and these kind of songs should be made more often. Thank you Logic. You're the best rapper that of this generation

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9 44 Bars

The beat is a winner. Best song ever!

It's so good. The beat is pure gold. Best song on Bobby Tarantino 4 sure.

Absolutely amazing. Laid back and powerful

Bars on bars

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10 Buried Alive

One of his most creative songs in my opinion. Second verse goes hard.

Outstanding lyrics and sound

His fast flows in mid kill it

Underrated and such a great song. Better than 44 bars. I'm ofc.

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? Two Kings
? My Chain

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11 Till the End

Not the best, but should be way higher. One of his best beats ever.

Smooth yet clever verses. He kills the outro. Should be top 5 for sure

The outro to this song is amazing

Makes you feel like running through a city

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12 Ballin

Logic is so energizing and castro killed the rap

I wouldn't vote this as logics best, but castro murdered this song holy crap

This song is so energizing and I love it - Ajkloth

This song is li

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13 Flexicution

I don't like this song too mainstream

Amazing Song one of my favourite Logic songs

Logics newest and best song

Absolutely killed it

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14 Metropolis

So soothing and has the perfect jazzy sound

Beautiful track

Love the beat

So underrated. 6ix produced this beat beautifully and Logic executed it with class. My personal favorite of any Logic song.

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15 All I Do

This song I feel was the pinnacle of logics success. I feel like in this music video he was fitting the more "main stream" rapper look, while the lyrics say otherwise. It's amazing to see where he's come from since that song and to see the way he's created his "look" today, wearing no bling and just jeans and a sweatshirt make this video and song powerful in itself.

A really classic style beat with some brilliant lyrics and good singing vocals, such an underrated song from logic. Definitely one of his best!

Classic, everything about it is beautiful and truly underrated.


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16 Mind of Logic

This song is just incredible so much flow

17 Fade Away

This song is easily the best logic song I've ever heard. Should be #1, the best goes perfectly with logics flow. Super catchy and upbeat.

Ok how the hell is song not top 5. This is logics favorite in the true story

Beat is the most lit I've ever heard

The beat and the lyrics
listen to this please

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18 Nasty

Took the words right out of my mouth - Finals15

Lyrically his best track

This song is... Nasty

19 Black Spiderman

Contains a powerful message that gets you high on emotion. Great song

Favourite logic song by far. Great beat that gets you hype and a great message to go with it.

Shares an idea of equality and nice lyrics throughout


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20 As I Am

Makes you think about who your friends actually are and gets you out there

This is such an uplifting and supporting song, and while he isn't spitting bars like a lot of his songs, it's truly touching!

This song makes me feel not like a failure

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