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21 Young Sinatra 3

He kills this song. Extremely underrated song by one of the best rappers alive.

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22 Super Mario World

One of the most unique beats I've ever heard, not his #1 but I'd say probably top 7 at least

Somehow chill and hype, just a logic vibe

"Who else could pull of a beat like this? Shows how Logic is unique and brings out his best"

Yeh that's gone be the hook right there - I'm like omygoodness omygoodness omygoodness omagod!

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23 Now
24 City of Stars

Amazing song. He sings the song to the hip hop game. The beat is incredible. My favorite logic song highly recommend

The two parts compliment each other so well. Logic drops heat on the rap game

It was my first choice to be in top ten of logic's songs

Best logic song

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25 Paradise
26 Mind of Logic

This song is just incredible so much flow

27 Bounce

Didn't like it at first but actually one of the best beats ever

This beat is absolutely phenomenal, and should be in the top 20

One of my favorite songs that just have that beat to it

This song bumps

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28 Young Jedi

One of my favorites. I could jam to this all day.

29 Tic Tac Toe
30 Dead Presidents III

One of my all time favorite beats. Also samples rap legends nas and jay.

Should be in top ten easily

If you haven't heard this one I guarantee you'll like it his rawest yet!

31 Anziety

Maybe Logic's best work with a powerful speech to cap it off. Simply terrific.

32 Killing Spree

My name jeff, also it's a good song with a powerful message and strong beat.

The hook is amazing

Absolute fire - Forhad_765

Sick Beat - Legend6113

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33 I'm Gone
34 Numbers

Needs to be at least in the top ten it's a classic

35 The Spotlight

One of the catchiest songs I've heard with an interesting beat this song shows logics true versatility as a rapper

Easily one of logics best song with a very catchy chorus

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36 Stainless

Best song of of The Incredible True Story. Amazing flow and a killer hook

Logic fastest song

Should be top ten amazing song

What how is this not top 10 its sooo good favorite Logic song

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37 Africaryan

Personally the only thing I think kills this is the skit. Other than that, probably my favorite song now!

Best song by him. he spits fire, and has a meaning behind it. Not to mention that J. Cole feature - Legend6113

38 Driving Ms. Daisy

AN overall amazing song you can play this to anyone

Logic and Gambino... says enough

Amazing - Legend6113

39 Inception

This should be top 20 only negative is that it is too short

Come on, the beat is so nostalgic, his flow and lyrics are sick. First Logic song I listened to, still my favourite till this day.


40 Young Jesus

This is boss why isn't this at the top of the list

Best song ever really good beat and flow

What this is in top 5 with fade away

My absolute favorite song he goes off in the beggining

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