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21 Mind of Logic

This song is just incredible so much flow

22 Fade Away Fade Away

This song is easily the best logic song I've ever heard. Should be #1, the best goes perfectly with logics flow. Super catchy and upbeat.

Ok how the hell is song not top 5. This is logics favorite in the true story

The best logic song


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23 The Spotlight

One of the catchiest songs I've heard with an interesting beat this song shows logics true versatility as a rapper

Easily one of logics best song with a very catchy chorus

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24 Bounce Bounce

Didn't like it at first but actually one of the best beats ever

This beat is absolutely phenomenal, and should be in the top 20

One of my favorite songs that just have that beat to it

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25 Numbers

Needs to be at least in the top ten it's a classic

26 Young Jedi

One of my favorites. I could jam to this all day.

27 City of Stars City of Stars

Amazing song. He sings the song to the hip hop game. The beat is incredible. My favorite logic song highly recommend

The two parts compliment each other so well. Logic drops heat on the rap game

It was my first choice to be in top ten of logic's songs

28 Dead Presidents III

One of my all time favorite beats. Also samples rap legends nas and jay.

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29 Stainless Stainless

Best song of of The Incredible True Story. Amazing flow and a killer hook

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30 I'm Gone I'm Gone
31 Just Another Day
32 Walk On By

Great beat, really catchy and great lyrics

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33 Young Jesus

This is boss why isn't this at the top of the list

Best song ever really good beat and flow

What this is in top 5 with fade away

34 Lord Willin Lord Willin

I've never fell for a song as fast as I did Lord Willin' definitely he best song on The Incredible True Story

Awesome Background beats to it. This gets me so hyped every time I hear it.

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35 I Am the Greatest I Am the Greatest

How isn't this higher

36 Sucker for Pain Sucker for Pain V 1 Comment
37 The Jam The Jam

The Jam is defiantly one of my favorites, and I can handle it being in 11th place

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38 Run It Run It

The beat is amazing, and that flow, also, please, pyrocynical, please notice me senpai

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39 Innermission Innermission

This song is super underrated, highly slept on. It's super chill, soothing, and at the same time, deep.

Such an amazing song. PLEASE listen

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40 Inception

Come on, the beat is so nostalgic, his flow and lyrics are sick. First Logic song I listened to, still my favourite till this day.

This should be top 20 only negative is that it is too short

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