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41 Welcome to Forever

How could this be at 49, it's so deep talking about how he didn't give up on his dreams and it payed off

How is this second to last this song is fantastic

Definitely his most underrated song, most personal song in my opinion

How is this 58 such a deep song

42 Walk On By

Great beat, really catchy and great lyrics

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43 Sucker for Pain

How the hell does one verse vote hugher then songs lokie lord willin

44 The Jam

The Jam is defiantly one of my favorites, and I can handle it being in 11th place

New Favorite Rap!

What is this doing here?
This is at least top 5

45 Just Another Day
46 Innermission

This song is super underrated, highly slept on. It's super chill, soothing, and at the same time, deep.

His flow on this song combined with the beat is perfect. Definitely my favourite of his.

Such an amazing song. PLEASE listen

This song is amazing!
Why is it number 39?
For me this the best Logic song ever!
This is a super chilled song 👏

47 I Am the Greatest

How isn't this higher

48 Run It

Doope hoe u know I run it

The beat is amazing, and that flow, also, please, pyrocynical, please notice me senpai

49 Common Logic / Midnight Marauder
50 Dear God

Amazing piano beat. Tells his life story and tales of adversity. Truly amazing and really makes the listener feel.

51 Roll Call

Dope as

52 925


53 Wrist

Yeah I've been flicking that wrist

54 Set the Tone

Beat is sick and the lyrics are incredible, especially the end.

pure rap

55 Deeper Than Money

Really awesome shot with realistic lyrics

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56 Break It Down

Not the best lyrics or beat or rhythm, just a straight up awesome song with combination of rap, hip-hop and feel good music. Really catchy hook.

57 The High Life

This song talks about how he came up and met his idol nas great lyricism in this song

Song had me go through every emotion in one track. Simply Lyrical

Most underrated Logic song

58 Top Ten

It's lit

This song is dope af why isn't it #1 or #2 like fr

59 Growing Pains II

Amazing story behind how he grew up in fear

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60 On the Low V 1 Comment
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