Most Logical Religions and Belief Systems

I am kinda well known of 12 faiths, but since I am only allowed to mention 10 here, I am gonna star from the top 12 right here which are : 12# Satanism,11# Atheism

The Top Ten

1 Islam

Islam is the only religion to have profound records of history which no man could have known. Actually claims to be from God.

Has falsification tests to prove itself such as,

"If this book was from any other than God you would find in it many errors and contradiction"

"If you believe this isn't from God, then try to produce something like it. You'll find yourself fail."

It also has sciences that no man in the year 700 could have known and therefore is from God.

It has not a single error or contradiction and is the only Holy Book which has been 100% preserved to this day.

It confirms early (not modern) Christianity and Modern Judaism! So therefore it takes all the authenticity of those two religions onto itself.

It has scientific, historical and mathematical miracles. You should research this.

It is the only religion apart from Judaism with a complete law. It also accepts Jewish law.

It is completely ...more

Islam is most logical religious and best systems

Islam is a practical religion rather than just beautiful words. If you are born muslim, with age you will start appreciating why islamic solutions are best for optimally functioning society.

Islamis the truth...
Adam, Moses, Noah, Jesus (peace be upon them) and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) were all of this religion

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2 Buddhism

I basically was left to fend for myself when it came to philosophy. In my ideological seclusion, I created my own logical solutions to existential questions. They turned out to be identical to Buddhism.

More peaceful than any other religion, I admit even more than mine, but it is called the unwanted peace anyway - DBUA

BUddhism If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism.

As a buddhism, I am not going to argue with others here. But I vote.

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3 Agnosticism

We all have no clue at all to why we even believe there is a 'God,' or other spiritual beings, and we never will. If we were actually being logical, Agnosticism makes the most sense.

I'm a Christian, but this makes the most sense and is 100% correct as it neither denies nor accepts any religious point of view therefore either way it's correct

"We have no idea" is the best answer to a question that has no answer yet.

I'm proud to be a Agnostic Christian. Does God exist? Answer : We don't know! - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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4 Christianity

The bible said the earth was round when everyone thought it was flat...enough said

Christianity to me makes the most sense we do not idolize any object we are based on facts Jesus walked the earth his miracles were witnessed by hid people and disciples its all fact no friction

It has been obviously getting changed since the middle ages, with more points to fight the common beliefs of the timeline - DBUA

I'm a Christian, but I'm more agnostic. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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5 Judaism

The Torah and Bible are the word of God that has been corrupted by people. The underlying message of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is the same and from the same God: to worship the one and only God who has no partners.

Most branches of Judaism accept scientific evidence as explanations of G-d's beautiful design, not as a contradiction to scripture. Any scientific finding is adopted as a correction to Man's imperfect interpretation of G-d's word.

6 Sikhism

It's another copycat of Islam, originally made by British to fight the Muslim government, I do only ranked in this position for it's strong admiring to Islam & Judaism rather and despise of Hindu. - DBUA

Spin-off of Hinduism and Islam. They took the logical points from Islam (like monotheism) and added a bunch of cultural things.

Sikhi is pretty much a panentheistic way of life rather than a monotheistic religion, and rejects blind faith in favour of logical and rational thinking. Combined with a strong sense of justice and given physical form with a unique identity I think this is the most logical faith out there. Other faiths all have at least a few beliefs which are wither plainly incompatible with science or can never be proved, and render them irrational (e.g. creation stories, heaven/hell, miracles & magic, a God/Gods seemingly with a human-like mind etc.)

Sadly, many Sikhs do blindly follow others, and beliefs & practices from Indian culture which the 10 human Gurus tried to abolish have crept back into the community. This may give people the wrong impression of what Sikhi is actually about.

Sikhism is not a copycat but has its own faith and path.The first guru's bani(verses) he written has been proved true.This religion is scientific
religion and everything was explained logically

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7 Jainism

Ti the person who said it's Buddhism with Hindu rules-that would simply be Hinduism

Some call it the original buddhism, but with Hindu rules - DBUA

There is no creator to this world according to jainism.
And its logical,
If der is any creator, who created that creator? Where is the raw material?
Makes sens?

8 Baha'i

It was created by a mentally mad man, but at least it's lateralizing into Islam & Christianity. - DBUA

9 Hinduism

Hinduism is an absolutely amazing "religion" and I love it so much.

U ask anything hinduism is oldest yet have every answer for the happenings around the earth

Most Scientific religion, vedas are most scientific literature ever written. - Ternifire


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10 Pink Rathian

Pink Rathian stole my Rath daddy when I was 5 and he never came back for me

Dragons once ruled the world the monarch of them all...

A rant so powerful my hunting horn went out of tune

It ate my home

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The Contenders

11 Scientology

The biggest source of modern myths - DBUA

A cult?

12 Zoroastrianism

Hey I'm an atheist and this at least makes some sense no stupid stories that make sense at all

The problem of evil solved.

Sound reason for creation.

13 Wicca Wicca

Its not an ancient holy book.

14 Jehovah's Witnesses
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