Top Ten Most Logical Users On TheTopTens

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1 PositronWildhawk

PW has a great sense of act and great blog posts. He has worked hard and he deserves to have the second most followers on this site. Not only that, but he gives credit to his fans. Without him, it wouldn't be so good.

His comments and his posts have tremendous logic in them. That's why his sarcasm posts are so incisive.

Come on guys :) No one can bore the crap out of you more than this guy ;)

If this is truly a list about logic, I'll definitely vote for him.

2 Kiteretsunu

A smart and kind user who knows how life works. He writes good comments and he nails everything. He should continue his blog post series he is doing how. Kiteretsunu, keep up the good work. - EpicJake

Irrefutable logic in every corner. Whether in jest or not, he always has something worth interjecting to turn the thread around. - PositronWildhawk

You know how accurate and logical his comments are? He explained lot of things to me. - Animefan12

3 nintendofan126

This guy has always been a good friend to me. He is a very smart and intelligent user who makes great list and remixes. His posts are also great. He was also my first friend on this site. - EpicJake

Wow! Thanks EpicJake for adding me to this list - nintendofan126

4 JaysTop10List

He may call himself overrated, but his Controversial TopTenners blog posts series was pretty accurate. Too bad it got cancelled to the most overrated users list being removed. His other posts are also pretty accurate - EpicJake

5 Alexandr

This guy is someone to give respect to. He has the most lists and remixes. He even has the most member score. He is a hard worker and deserves more followers than 165. Come on guys. - EpicJake

6 Britgirl

Everyone knows that this girl is kind and has the more followers than anyone. Lemme explain the reason. She has the most followers because of her support to her fans, never selfish and many more. - EpicJake

7 Admin

At least in the early days you would find his posts and comments were very logical so yes he is my pick.

The creator of this site is here for a reason. He nails his blog posts and he is very kind. And without him, we wouldn't even be on this awesome site. So give this guy the respect he deserves. - EpicJake

I imagine this guy to be very intelligent and logical; reading his posts. - RockFashionista

8 CartoonsGirl

CartoonsGirl is a kind user and a very logical person. She makes good posts, lists, comments and well, everything! She should get 150 followers very soon. Without her, you wouldn't get respect from her - EpicJake

She is a very smart user and makes fantastic lists! - nintendofan126

9 Turkeyasylum

Thank you so much for adding me! And I'm not known for being logical here... - Turkeyasylum

10 BKAllmighty
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11 cosmo

Thanks whoever added me! - cosmo

12 Ajkloth

He is a very underrated user. He was able to reach 645 lists and he is good on member score. How does he only have 40 followers? Come on guys. Let's all work together and follow this guy. - EpicJake

13 SevenLizards

SL has also been a good friend of mine. Sure he complains about Arthur a lot and he can be annoying, but he is nice and would always reply to your message. So let's give this guy respect. - EpicJake

14 EpicJake

I'm sorry but I just couldn't help it - EpicJake

15 Puga
16 Keyson
17 Irina2932
18 keycha1n

Its always nice to see my name on a list, but if I'm ANYTHING, it's not logical. I mean, I feel its obvious that I'm the creative kind! Haha! - keycha1n

19 ArchAces

He may not be considered "logical", but he has a great sense of humor sure to make any laugh. - Turkeyasylum

20 glambert
21 JandS3000
22 tiagocowboy11

I didn't added me because it's just me, I did it because I think everyobdy should be in this list, because all users have their logic, but ones more than others. - tiagocowboy11

23 Ananya
24 Zombieman99
25 MaxBravo
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