Top Ten Logo Design Do's and Don'ts

What do we know about make the right decisions with our Logo designs, as they become even more important to your brands visibility and how it is perceived by your customer base. So what should we not do in creating a design so as not to be lost in the haystack of directories. As your logo is one of association towards your industry and how valuable your branding is. Lets begin with what should not be done and one that often occurs is.

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1 Don't - Associating With a Competitor

Finally be open to change in order to grow your business, this can help get your business into the new age of business branding and exposure, for help with your logo designs visit - Karam

2 Do - Stand Out by Being Different

As you don't want to associate with another business in your sector and your logo design is very important towards that view, making it different and relevant can be a tricky business. We can highlight the rise of Warrior sports as they are trying to play a tug of war with the giants of Adidas, Nike and Puma. They have a sleek design, that stands out whilst not being easily ignored, so rather than them trying to replicate the famous Nike tick or the Puma design they have themselves grown their brand through a unique logo design and familiarity. - Karam

3 Don't - Be a Gimmick

Now this is what happen often to no real reward, yes I'll say that some funny designs catch my attention but they don't hold it. The novelty of having a design of a company named hypothetically "Next Sight" with an eye and an arrow pointing towards it, may make you wonder what they do. However unless you are an established brand, will that really get people searching for you. - Karam

4 Do - Be Bold

The designs that hold and your attention are the relevant but smartly done. We have all heard of the term "Less is more" well it can transfer over to your logo design also, bold lettering a strong font which says we mean business is great. Easy to recognize, the product or service you provide through the design that accompanies your lettering. - Karam

5 Don't - Be Too Colorful

Having colour is great but having too much is distracting, it makes your logo to busy and not simple enough to acknowledge what you do and can just go unnoticed very easily. - Karam

6 Do - Make a Design That is Simple, But Sweet

Having a design with your name of the company adds an ability to transfer this to branding opportunities and allowing your brand more exposure. This could quite easily be the simplistic design of the two arched McDonalds "M" very simple but also very easy to notice and know exactly what it is and what they do through association. - Karam

7 Don't - Just Have Lettering

Now to just have your name is fine to an extent unless your a multi-million pound business like "Gucci" but even in their design their is the color that makes them express the higher quality and the desired products that they sell. However doing this as a small start-up can let you go unnoticed as customers are still learning who you are and what you do. - Karam

8 Do - Be Iconic

We can look at the Apple logo here, they have through the years changed their colors of the famous bitten apple. However have never ventured away from the design its self, thus ensuring they are noticed throughout the world. The design is simple and easily branded as it is on all of their products to iPhones to the bags you carry your new Macbook away in - Karam

9 Don't - Have Too Much Going On

As I've said the Apple design is great easy and iconic, they did not always have it that way as the original design was of an image portraying Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, with an apple overhead illuminated. With the name "Apple Computer Co." this is perfectly fine and quite nice design but is it really what would have made the brand so big worldwide. - Karam

10 Do - Be Open to Change

Many a time we all have come across a brand that is doing it so well, we think it would be very easy to replicate (its not). Trying to grow and develop your business from under a larger more established firm is not going to make your business image valuable and not perceived as a cheap knock off. - Karam

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1. Don't - Associating With a Competitor
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