Autistic Game Critic Episode #23 - Lollipop Chainsaw

bobbythebrony Ok everyone, this time I will review one of the most flamboyant games of the modern era. Which gem am I talking about? None other than Lollipop Chainsaw! This is fun and sometimes weird game that can be addicting to play. It may not be the best video game but it has it's charms. Anyway, let's get down to it.

In Lollipop Chainsaw, you take control of Juliet Starling. Juliet is a high school cheerleader and apparent zombie hunter. While the concept may make you wonder what they were thinking, you have to admit it's pretty unique. A hot cheerleader wielding a chainsaw? What more can you ask for? It also has some funny perks that I'll get to soon.

Let's talk about Juliet. She is a smoking hot blonde cheerleader at a Californian high school. She has parents and two sister, who are also zombie hunters. She has boyfriend named Nick, whom she loves. You'd never suspect that she would be the main character in a zombie killing game. It's more believable than The Walking Dead Season Two game though. Her main weapon is a chainsaw though it's no ordinary chainsaw. She is the exact opposite of what you expect in this genre of video games.

The game is relatively simple. After a zombie outbreak occurs in San Romero, Juliet and Nick's decapitated head must stop the reign of terror, along with Juliet's family. You go through many levels in the game, starting with the high school. You kill zombies, save people and fight very humorous zombie bosses, such as Fat Old Woman and a perverted cop that looks like Weird Al Yankovich. You must literally fight your heart into the beast.

The gameplay is decent. You have many cheerleader based zombie attacks and can even kill zombies by pole dancing. I will admit that I get uncomfortable when you kill many zombies at once and "Sparkle Hunting!" comes up. I also like that you can change into many different costumes including maid outfits and bikinis. It's also interesting to note that you will get an achievement if you try and look up Juliet's skirt. That's on the Xbox 360 version though. All in all, the gameplay and controls are nice and fluent.

Well that's it basically. It's a great game that is worth a try and I recommend it for gamers who like humorous games. I don't recommend it for gamers who don't like games where you play as a female. In all seriousness though, I give it a 9/10. This is bobbythebrony saying Till I see you again, watch your step.

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Can't wait for your next reviews. - Therandom

Thanks - bobbythebrony

Can't wait for the next episode. I need to decide, xbox 360 black flag or pc syndicate? - Skullkid755

If I get AC syndicate, it will be the pc version, and I need a hard drive to do that, I own far cry primal, have a flash drive with enough memory, but need a CD rom! Why must PC games be so complicated to get started up? Why? Answer me Paul Bunyan! - Skullkid755

I'll just get black flag for Xbox. - Skullkid755