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1 Strong

This is the first song I listen to and it was so so amazing, since this song I've started to love this band and begun to find other song of this band.

I think this song reaffirms Hanna's unbridled ability to convey meaning with her voice

First one I heard and love it so it's inspired me to buy some of the others too.

Love this song

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2 Wasting My Young Years

The contrast in the tone of Hannah's voice, the variety of instruments and class is on another level!


Just astonishing beautiful. Its dreamy, emotional with a dark bite.
Hannah's vocals on this song are so amazing.

If you are searching for GOOD and UNIQUE popmusic nowadays:
Listen to London Grammar.

3 Sights
4 Hey Now

I love all their songs equally, but each has different meaning. So I'll go for Hey Now only because it was the first London Grammar song to hear.

Hannah Reid voice is just so powerful in this one. I am in love with her voice. This has to be one of the best London Grammar song

Relaxed but intense at the same time. Complex and simple at the same time as well. Just a very well delivered song.

5 Nightcall

Hannah has a suggestive voice, I am never tired to listen her

This One is the best without second thought..

Best Song Ever, Her vOice is magical

In my opinion the best song of her!

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6 Metal & Dust

The Song is very emotional.. Great

Best London Grammar song to be honest! It was the first one I ever heard and its what got me into them♡

7 If You Wait

Totally, Absolutely, Number One.

Best London Grammar song ever!

8 Interlude

Haunting and just their best song it evokes emotion like none other

The music just takes you away

9 Oh Woman Oh Man

This song touches my heart in a way I can't explain..

Amazing music & lyrics

10 Feelings

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11 Everywhere You Go
12 Wicked Game
13 Hell to the Liars

Great song

14 Big Picture
15 Non Believer
16 Rooting for You

Magic to me. I just love it.

17 Hey Now (Dot Major Remix)
18 Shyer
19 Wrecking Ball
20 Wild Eyed
21 Under the Stars
22 Different Breeds
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