Top 10 Lonely Cubone Songs

This is a top 10 list of electronic artist Lonely Cubone

The Top Ten

1 Electro Dinosaurs

This is my number one pick. It reminds me of all the 90's rave music I used to listen to and raves I used to go to. - Pokedragon

2 Taco Shop

This song is a very good song. I also liked the use of guitar in the end. It's good to see other insterments being used in electronic music. - Pokedragon

3 On the Coast

This is a tremendous song by Lonely Cubone. It actually made me feel like I was on the coast. I don't know why, I just did. - Pokedragon

4 Melancholy

This is probably the best song from his paranoia album. The way the song can transition to other parts is impeccable. They also flow well with the other parts. - Pokedragon

5 Alone

This song from his next album is a some what different take on the traditional electronic music but it works. The bass is just the right amount and it works well as a song. - Pokedragon

6 This is Zen

This is zen is a very good. the use of traditional Japanese instruments combined with the fast beat make it a good rave song. - Pokedragon

7 We're all mad here

This is a very good, dark song and the use of the hawk screech actually caught me off guard but it worked. I also like the sample of the mad hatter used. - Pokedragon

8 Death of the Organist

This song to a uturn. It is unlike anything Lonely Cubone has made before but is works. Take the organ and combining it with a some what hip-hop bass and drums actually works in a great way. - Pokedragon

9 Digital Regret

This song take a guitar and drums and you have a song. But this is a good song. - Pokedragon

10 Sick Minded

This song starts good and actually uses mumbling is creative way. Then it suddenly shifts to a more darker bass and speeds up. The drums help carry this song and the mumbling man to the end. - Pokedragon

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