Top 10 Long-Awaited Video Games

These are the games that took their sweet time getting onto store shelves, whether good or bad.
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1 Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts III Product Image

After all these years finally the tri-holy known as Kingdom Hearts will finally be complete after waiting a crucially long time for the next in this classic, and legendary RPG with Square mixed with Disney the greatest recipe there is, and more so you add in Pixar to the equation in this one. Exclude titles that don't exactly fit in the series entirely you had to wait almost 15 years for a new one to come back hopefully this is worth the wait.

I hope it will be good, and maybe even better than the previous Kingdom Hearts games.

2 Duke Nukem Forever Duke Nukem Forever Product Image

Duke has two major accolades one for being the biggest disappointment in gaming history as well as the longest enduring development game of all time (14 years, 44 days). This is due to in large pat they had a game back in 01' which looked much better than what would happen a decade later, but the whole graphical job amazing how much care there would of been for a title like this sooner than to wait, and wow that was shockingly disappointing overall.

3 Shenmue 3

Nearly a 17 years would we finally hear that Shenmue would make a remarkable comeback with an ending of III we have all waited for in a long time. The first two games are classics, and now there will be a 3rd game to be released sooner than later may perhaps complete the awesome trilogy from this Sega classic.

4 Diablo 3 Diablo 3 Product Image

12 long grueling years for another Diablo game to come back from chaos, and bent on those who loved it like what they got out of the 3rd game. What's interesting about this game is they haven't made another sequel yet, but two later expansion packs as to the fan community doesn't mind it one bit.

5 Doom (2016) Doom (2016) Product Image

Sure there are mods still played to this day, but we have not seen a main DOOM game since 2004 which was the 3rd title being the arguably scariest looking one of all of them. They announced a 4th game would happen, but due to console generations slowly fading like always taking quite the number of years to finish DOOM 4 which would now be known as 2016 not to be confused with the classic from 1993. The die hard fans were excited about this game when seeing it on E3 of 2015 Bethesda's first major conference was unforgettable due to seeing the emergence of this one especially. The trail blazer of First Person Shooters right here back and stronger than ever.

6 The Last Guardian

This was Team Ico's next big project for many years, but it took them a staggering 9 years to finally get out to the 8th gen so we have gone three different console generations eventually finding a way to get this mess complete I solute the developers for all their patience and commitment for this looking the way it did.

7 Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 Product Image

In development for about five years set to have a released in the next year or two its likely we see it come out knowing its near the end or production, and that many gamers are every invested to this concept.

8 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Product Image

A whole decade to finally get Starcraft to make its return into gaming reintroduced to top notch for an RTS why it was loved than and now.

9 Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4 Product Image

Fans had to wait six years for the 4th title to come out, and did it deliver on every level from the previous three games a true masterpiece to this day.

Six years? Were you unaware of Code Veronica X and Resident Evil 0?

Main series is what were focusing on not spinoffs, or whatever is the case.

10 Half-Life 3
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11 Metroid Prime 4 Metroid Prime 4 Product Image

Its been a long time know seeing a first person Metroid

since the Wii days, and days have gone past, and now the Switch has emerged we get word that Prime 4 is happening and may come out relatively soon in fact the next year or two.

12 Borderlands 3
13 Fairy Tail

This anime deserves a video game.

I can't take it anymore Naruto gets one bleach gets one dragon ball z gets one even one piece gets a video game it's not fair by the way even the newer animes like my hero academia gets one and the anime's been out for barely 3 years and bleeping black clover gets one and the anime barely gets released in like barley a year by the way they should get the same creators of dragon ball fighter z and unreal engine 4 should create the next fairy tail video game the same fighting style mechanisms just like dragon ball fighter z the way the game play is and video game genre should fighting dear Bandai Namco entertainment and arc system works to make this dream fairy tail game for all of us fairy tail fans from all over the world please.

14 Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry 5 Product Image
15 Mother 3 Mother 3 Product Image
16 Persona 5 Persona 5 Product Image
17 Silent Hills
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