Best Looking Bosses in Cuphead

This list is about the amazing designs of the bosses found in Cuphead, rather than the actual bosses themselves.
The Top Ten
1 Cala Maria

I love her design a bit more in the second phase, the idle is better in that one, I really like the betty boop kinda thing they did and her attacks are cool. she’s my favorite boss because her music is awesome also when her head flies off it reminds me of DIO. ;)))

I found it to be an interesting choice to turn this boss into a big, scary medusa lady. All of the attacks being based on random fish is also cool and a great implementation of the water setting.

I love her second phase, again, water characters.

Uh oh, I just found this Rule 34 on TheTopTens.

2 Phantom Express

In the trailer, this was the fight that made me want to buy the game. I mean, fighting skeletons on a train is too cool to avoid. I found it a nice surprise when I realised that I also had to fight the train, which looks like some weird, demented horse when it runs.

If you look at the train on the side where the heart is when its closed it has numbers like a lego train

The cart thing makes this interesting

I like trains

3 King Dice

Yes! He looks almost exactly like Father Time from Rebornica's Deviantart!

I agree with the comment right below mine!

so do i

me too!

4 Djimmi The Great

This guy is definitely one of the most diverse in terms of look. I found it extremely funny when he came out of the sarcophagus as a weird blob thing, and the puppet phase was very clever.

Djimmi the great looks good...
But the Disney Genie is better

(To Djimmi) Imma call ya DA JIM

Just like a genie! HAHAAHA!

5 Werner Werman

He looks like jerry from Tom & jerry
but what if jerry was on a baked beans tin?

Tin Can Rat!

6 Sally Stageplay

While the actual fight is easy, the different phases and the fact that everything is made to seem as if you are just part of the play make it a unique experience. Also, bonus points for the Kefka reference.

I can see a lot of creativity put to good use in this boss fight. It reminds me of a dream I once had.

It's well designed.

7 The Devil

When he became a giant head at the end of his first phase, my jaw dropped. His art style looked so different as he became a giant head. The first phase was also interesting to see him turn into various animals.

Devil for the win!

The Devil is Evil!

8 Cagney Carnation

A giant dancing creepy flower, well then. I love how this boss looks, and how they go for the creepy flower approach. The second phase makes him look really cool, as he sets his thorns all across the ground. His death animation surprised me a lot as well, he has no eyeballs. The one thing that I don't like is that I saw a meme of Mr Burns, but his face was replaced by this guy's face, it has been ruined for me forever.

One of my favorite level designs, and best music

I liek flowers!

That dance

9 Grim Matchstick

Reminds me of Hydra! - TriggerTrashKid

10 Dr Kahl's Robot

Everything about the look of this guy screams epic. While nowhere near as weird and wonderful as many other bosses, the sheer awesomeness of this encounter makes me put it so high.

Got to love the entirety of the personified homage to the titular Iron Giant itself. That's about enough said.


The Contenders
11 Rumor Honeybottoms

Just a hanging bee... - TriggerTrashKid

Who is the

12 Goopy Le Grande
13 Hilda Berg

I was not expecting this boss to become various zodiac signs. That said, the boss looks bad ass, with various creative forms and eventually a giant clockwork moon, everything comes together quite nicely in this fight.

Funny. Laughed to insanity!

I love her color set

Visually stuning.

14 Beppi The Clown

The whole weird jester look he has is really cool. The way he transforms from phase to phase to match what is happening is very creative and works well in the fight

He gives me creeps!

15 Baroness Von Bon Bon

I like it when people are creative with sweets. She should be higher.

Bittersweet and sassy. She should be on Big Brother.

16 Mangosteen
17 The Root Pack

Yes. - TriggerTrashKid

18 Ribby and Croaks

Boxing frogs, or toads. - TriggerTrashKid

19 Captain Brineybeard

How is he so low? I love PIRATES! - TriggerTrashKid

20 Pip and Dot
21 Wally Warbles

First of all, you are fighting a bird that lives inside a cuckoo clock, that's automatically funny. The boss then takes it up a notch by introducing this terrifying alien bird thing. The final phase is the one that takes the cake though, as you fight the bird as it is being carried on a stretcher, which is hilarious.

Watch out for the feathers!

He is bright

22 The Acorn Machine

I know this isn't a boss but it's a miniboss so I should count. Mostly all the drawings I make are related to metal. I think I just started a new fandom.

23 The Tuba from Funhouse Frazzle

He's technically not a boss, but he's a mini-boss. A colorful tuba with a handsome face! Aesthetically pleasing I say! (╭ರ u •́)

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