Best Looking Female Character from the Assassin's Creed Series


The Top Ten

1 Elise de la Serre


She's pretty good looking. - Therandom

2 Evie Frye
3 Sofia Sartor

No one better for Ezio - lukemcnamara72

4 Lucy

Don’t get too attached to her - lukemcnamara72

5 Anne
6 Lydia Frye
7 Jenny Kenway
8 Claudia
9 Rebecca
10 Cristina Vespucci

The Contenders

11 Kassandra
12 Aveline de Grandpré
13 Melanie Lemay

She is good looking in Black Flag - 2storm

14 Mary Read
15 Bishop
16 Hope Jensen

She is very good looking in assassin's creed rogue...very sad that she died.

17 Aya
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