Top 10 Best Looking Movies of 2017

This list is about the movies of 2017 that have the excel in visuals (such as CGI, green screen, and set design [applies to live action]), cinematography (lighting quality, camera movement and quality, camera angle, etc. [strictly applies to live action]), or the animation quality. It doesn't necessarily have to be an action or superhero movie, because dramatic films can have beautiful cinematography that conveys emotion.

The Top Ten

1 Dunkirk

The previews for this were outstanding. Makes you feel like you were really in the movie's setting.

Seen clips of this movie, totally will be nominated for best cinematography, the movie just looks beautiful and very well shot! Definitely gonna win those Oscars! Still need to see it... - Phillip873

I guarantee you that this movie is going to be nominated for Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography, and Best Director at the Oscars. It might even win all three. - phillysports

That wee lad Barry Keoghan is an exact replicate of a character from a scottish T.V. show I love, I was able to piece together some kind of backstory which connected the two shows.

So there is that. - DapperPickle

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2 Coco

So much detail was put into The Land of the Dead in Coco. Thought The Book of Life's Land of the Dead was detailed and artistic? You haven't seen nothing yet. Coco's iteration of The Land of the Dead COMPLETELY surpasses that. Every building in Coco is detailed and accounted for with great attention to texture, rendering, color, etc. So I think it goes without saying Pixar really outdid themselves here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The trailers alone will show you how beautiful this film looks! The time of me writing this it came out just today in my area, so I will see it as soon as possible, very excited. - Phillip873

I saw this today and it totally deserved a 10/10 from me, because every aspect of the movie was amazing. The animation is just beautiful looking, the scene where Miguel enters the land of the dead was so mind blowingly fantastic. All the settings are unique and beautiful. This movie is a must-see! - Phillip873

This movie was stunning.

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3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The CGI and set design in both GoTG 1 and 2 look fantastic. It gives the movie the very fun and space type tone! - Phillip873

4 Blade Runner 2049

Watched the trailers and a clip for it, looks very well shot camera wise and just awesome. Haven't watched the original Blade Runner so haven't watched this yet. - Phillip873

What are your waiting for? , go watch the original Blade Bunner 1982 final cut. That movie it's too important in science fiction (most scientists have Blade Runner as the best scifi film of all time) a masterpiece that can't be missed.

To really appreciate the movie, you must watch it like someone reading a book. Same for the sequel.

5 The LEGO Batman Movie

Whoever the animators are behind this and the Lego movie are just fantastic. The animation style is made to look like real stop motion Lego, when it is in fact CGI (real Lego would take too long). It just shows how creative the animators were! - Phillip873

It does give me nostalgia because it reminds me of how I would play with my toys when I was a kid. Same with The Lego Movie. - RaccoonCartoon

6 Baby Driver

I'm going to watch this movie this week for sure (my dad got it on DVD) and from the trailers and a spoiler free review I watched, this movie looks very neat camera wise! - Phillip873

Yep I watched the movie and it is definitely one of the best movies I've seen this whole year! - Phillip873

7 Cars 3

It's Pixar, so of course it's beautifully animated! - Phillip873

8 It

The camera work and costume design of Pennywise really makes this movie have that creepy scary tone. - Phillip873

You'll float, too!

What? This movie is awesome! - wambamkam

9 Logan

Saw half of this movie, very well shot and the set designs look great! - Phillip873

10 Beauty and the Beast

I didn't like this movie that much, but the sets and most CGI look nice. - Phillip873

The CGI looks terrible but the set designs look nice - MegaSoulhero

I didn't like this movie very much, the CGI was sort of crappy as well. - RaccoonCartoon

The Contenders

11 Thor: Ragnarok

Needs to be number 1. This movie wasfull of action and was really funny. - deandinosaur5

12 Justice League
13 My Little Pony

For bronies? YES! Definitely! - Neonco31

No. No please. - JakePlaid

14 Wonder Woman

This movie had terrible CGI and green screen (like really bad! ) But most of the sets looked nice - Phillip873

15 Spider-Man: Homecoming

I would put this as an honorable mention because some of the fight scenes were awesome but the CGI was just okay. Still my favorite superhero film of the year. - Phillip873

16 Despicable Me 3

I thought this sucked.

The animation was so ugly

17 Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets
18 Saban's Power Rangers
19 Batman vs. Two-Face
20 Smurfs: The Lost Village
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