Top Ten Best Looking Star vs. the Forces of Evil Characters


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1 Star Butterfly Star Butterfly

She's a cutie not a hottie.

She is really beautiful and cute! I'm sticking up with the show because of her cuteness!

She's not ugly but she's not beautiful, she's cute. I can see her growing up to be beautiful.

She's a hottie! My cartoon crush

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2 Jackie Lynn Thomas Jackie Lynn Thomas Jackie Lynn Thomas is a fictional character from Star vs The Forces of Evil as a student from Echo Creek Academy who Marco has a crush on who's very laid back, kind and enjoy's skateboarding.

I simply hate her! - Sugarcubecorner

She so pretty - Cartoons4life

She is ugly

3 Marco Diaz Marco Diaz

Handsome! No wonder Star and other girls fall for him! He is very cute when he blushes at Star! X3

Marco is very attractive, and his beauty mark is cute on him.

Tom May be fave character and I like his animation bit Marco would be my dreamboy in my life

Get him to the second, he is underrated.

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4 Queen Butterfly Queen Butterfly Queen Moon Butterfly is a supporting character in the Disney XD animated series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil". She is the ruler of Mewni alongside her husband King River Butterfly and is the mother of Star Butterfly.

What a hottie! She has the thickest hips out of any character and has beautiful shoulders!

I voted for When she was a teenager

I think she should be a lot higher, Star is obviously the most beautiful but Moon I think is really pretty too! Her voice, manner and appearance make her my favorite.

She is the second prettiest to Star.

5 Brittany Wong Brittany Wong

I have always loved her. She is spoiled and rude but very very pretty

She wears too much makeup and she always hates around star - Cartoons4life

Sexy, spoiled, pretty.

She is spool sexy.

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6 Ludo Ludo

Why this thing is in this list

I think he's cute but not boy cute - Cartoons4life

A awesome looking villain! - Weasltown


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7 Eclipsa Butterfly


She should be 3 if not 1.

Greatest character ever!

I love Eclipsa. She is beautiful!

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8 Tom

Tom is such a hottie!

He deserves to be top! - Sugarcubecorner

Tom is a cutie.

I think he's cute but he can get very upset almost to the point were he sometimes tries to hurt Marco at times - Cartoons4life

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9 Hekapoo

She's a cutie.

She is just hot in general.

Hot - in all meanings

10 Toffee

He too hot I hope to see him shirtless

How can he be on 11.Just look at him

My little layer lizard

How is he last?!

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11 Principal Skeeves
12 Flying Pony Princess Head
13 Mr. Diaz Mr. Diaz

You mean toffee?

NOOO I wanted to vote for the lizard lawer but my computer glitched THE HUMQANITYYY

14 Mrs. Diaz
15 Janna

Janna is very very good looking. I love her character because she is a mischief maker and sometimes last. I think she is very pretty

Janna is my cartoon crush

Janna is very pretty!

16 Celena Butterfly

I mean, she was able to dismantle monsters just with a single glance of her face!

17 Oskar
18 Mina Loveberry Mina Loveberry

Yes. shes like sailor moon - Stevenuniversefangirl

19 Jeremy

Oh! Oops I thought that Jeremy was Mr diaz's first name. I completely forgot that this character existed.

He is really cute!

Really hot

What? He's like 8

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20 Ferguson Ferguson
21 Khrysthalle

Princess Pony Head's sister looks magical just search her up

Looks magical

She's only seen in one episode so you may not know her though.but I searched her up since there is no picture and sure,she beautiful I guess I don't really care😒

22 Alfonzo
23 Ruberiot

How is he not higher

24 Festivia Butterfly
25 Comet Butterfly
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