Top Ten Best Looking Star vs. the Forces of Evil Characters


The Top Ten

1 Star Butterfly Star Butterfly

She is really beautiful and cute! I'm sticking up with the show because of her cuteness!

She's not ugly but she's not beautiful, she's cute. I can see her growing up to be beautiful.

She's a hottie! My cartoon crush

She's not really pretty,but she's very cool.

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2 Jackie Lynn Thomas Jackie Lynn Thomas V 1 Comment
3 Marco Diaz Marco Diaz

Marco is very attractive, and his beauty mark is cute on him.

Get him to the second, he is underrated.

He is good looking... should be #3


4 Ludo Ludo

I think he's cute but not boy cute - Cartoons4life

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5 Brittany Wong Brittany Wong

I have always loved her. She is spoiled and rude but very very pretty

She wears too much makeup and she always hates around star - Cartoons4life

A petty spoiled snot. I love her.


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6 Principal Skeeves
7 Flying Pony Princess Head
8 Tom

I think he's cute but he can get very upset almost to the point were he sometimes tries to hurt Marco at times - Cartoons4life

Tom is fine as hell

How can he's so low - Sassy13crown

Tom is super hot and super cool he is literally HOT he should be #1 on this list and definitely before ludo that guy is practically decaying but Tom is perfect!

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9 Mr. Diaz Mr. Diaz V 1 Comment
10 Queen Butterfly Queen Butterfly

I think she should be a lot higher, Star is obviously the most beautiful but Moon I think is really pretty too! Her voice, manner and appearance make her my favorite.

She is the second prettiest to Star.

The Contenders

11 Toffee

My little layer lizard

How is he last?!

12 Mrs. Diaz
13 Janna

Janna is very very good looking. I love her character because she is a mischief maker and sometimes last. I think she is very pretty

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14 Hekapoo

She is just hot in general.

Hot - in all meanings

15 Oskar
16 Ferguson
17 Mina Loveberry Mina Loveberry V 1 Comment
18 Alfonzo
19 Jeremy

He looks so sexy after he got out of the shower.

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