Top Ten Lorde Songs With the Best Meaning

Songs by the artist Lorde with the greatest meanings.

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1 White Teeth Teens

Its hilarious that now that she is rich, super successful, and on T.V. all the time, Lorde gets her hair done professionally, wears expensive clothing, and has her teeth whitened, she is exactly what she made fun of back when she wrote this song a few years ago.

This is my personal faverote. "White teeth Teens" are the rich, spoiled kids everyone wants to be. Lorde tried to join them, but never did. She realized that rich, spoiled kids aren't cool. "White teeth teens are out" - ToptenPizza

This song is driving me crazy
It has the first spot for a reason

2 Buzzcut Season

This song is about going to war. "I remember the summer when your head caught flames" his head caught flames in a shooting "and you laughed and said baby it's ok, it's buzz cut season anyway" this means his lack of hair isn't an issue because he is going to go in the army where they give you a buzzcut. "And now we live by the blue, where everything is good, and I'll never go home again, say goodbye to my faverote friends." This could mean two things:
1. Lorde is now a refugee and she lives near the blue, aka peace place, and feels she will never return, and had to leave behind her friends.
2. Lorde has zoned out in a peaceful blue zone in order to ignore the war, and feels she is too lost in this trance to come home, her friends died, hence why she is saying bye. - ToptenPizza

3 Glory and Gore

This is about the colloceme at Rome. It is like Hollywood because "glory and gore go hand in hand, that's why we're making headlines" meaning fame is acheived by pushing down other people's fame and betraying them, by doing so you are making headlines and getting attention due to being controversial. "You could try to take us, oh oh, but we're the gladiators, everyone a rager oh oh, but secretly they're saviors" meaning newbies to pop culture can take the people who are gladiators, or have a secure position, so it'll be hard, and the people who cause controversy are ragers, but are actually changing the population for the better. - ToptenPizza

4 Team

This was the first Lorde song I've listened to, and I think it is great. "We live in cities you'll never see on screen, not very pretty but we sure know how to run things" meaning they live in a crappy town no one likes, it is ugly, but they can run the town. "Live in the ruins of the palace within our dreams, and we know we're on each other's team" they are dirt poor, but hey are on each others side. - ToptenPizza

5 Ribs

It's all about: "throw back to when we where kids, so we could act like kids again" and definitely her best song ☺

A song about the fears about growing up, and sort of wanting to, but not exactly. And all the changes you go through. - ToptenPizza

6 Yellow Flicker Beat

This relates to the hunger games "they used to shout my name now they whisper it" for example, is how Katniss became a hero, to a figure of rebellion. - ToptenPizza

7 Royals
8 A World Alone

Why is this song not on here already? I love it- it's really one of my favorites, and it has meaning. "Let 'em talk cause we're dancing in this world alone."

9 Liability
10 Tennis Court

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11 The Love Club
12 Bravado
13 Perfect Places

Such a relatable song

Still don't get how nobody bothered to add Perfect Places on this list. I love how Lorde highlights the loneliness aspect while acknowledging the fact that we live in a bubble.

14 Still Sane

Wattpad @melodramas_

i added this song here because of the lyrics' meaning, nobody has added this here this song is so underrated.

15 400 Lux


16 Homemade Dynamite

Such a good song about friendship and the things that people do for it.

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