Swellow Analyses - Lorde

(Prepare to see my reputation drop fast, I mean really fast)

Lorde is a singer of a small bit of debate; There's people who like her, including me, the people who don't really care about her, and the people who despise her just because of Royals "making no sense". Basically, let's get into reviewing Lorde...

Royals - This is the song that made Lorde popular, and popularly known as "the overplayed song" (personally I haven't heard it in the last year) or "the song that makes no sense", or "the song that's called rock". If you can ignore those signs, you get into the real meaning of the lyrics; They are about the dislike of fame driven by luxury (a small topic in her second-to-follow hit, Tennis Court) and is a good diss to the rappers and people driven by luxury. (*Cough*Hello, Kim Kardashian...*Cough*). The beat also fits with the song, even if it's a tad bit boring. Problem? Probably the fact it was overplayed, causing people to think she wasn't making sense or dissing people who are "cooler than her". However, here, it's about the message, so I'll give it an 8/10.

Tennis Court - Lorde's next hit, also featured in the Enhanced Version of Grand Theft Auto V. It's a small bit like Royals, but Lorde realizes her fame is now a part of her, but she doesn't make it a big deal ("But I know it's not forever"). Here, the beat's more fitting than Royals, and Lorde's vocals at a great level, ignoring the strange music video. 8.5/10.

Team - Moving on from the "dislike of fame and luxury" from the past two hits, Lorde goes on to deliver probably her best work yet; Team, where she does a tribute for her friends in New Zealand. Once again, there's amazing lyrical content, a fitting beat, and Lorde's vocal deliver is at it's best here. 9.5/10.

And so I can build up a lot more on the next one, I'll keep it short. Lorde is a great electronic singer (unlike Halsey) and her vocal talent is amazing, sadly, a lot of people dislike her (much like Adele) and it's kind of ruined my image for her, but anyway...
I'll give Lorde a 9/10. She can save the female music industry, but unless she starts getting a lot more upbeat, she's not going to be remembered quickly.


What's so humiliating about this? - WonkeyDude98

A lot of people hate Lorde because of these reasons;
"Royals has no meaning, just gibberish."
"She sounds like she's moaning and makes Iggy Azalea enjoyable."
"Looks ugly, and disses people better than her." - Swellow

So, essentially trolls. - WonkeyDude98

Also, as much as I love Team, I have to disagree. I think it has her worst vocal performance yet. Her truly great performance comes in the form of Yellow Flicker Beat. - WonkeyDude98

I hate when overplaying makes songs annoying even if they are good. It also happened to Uptown Funk. And this is why I don't usually listen to the radio. - Martinglez

Only valid reason I have to hate Royals. - Swellow

You know, in the world of the 2014 south park season, randy and lorde are the same person! - Skullkid755

Royals: 1/5 (OP and it was kinda boring)
Team : 5/5 (Deep and magnificent)
Magnets: 4.5/5 (Disappointing but good)
YFB: 5/5 (Her best vocals)
Flicker: 4.5/5 (Great remix from Kanye but still not as good as the original)
Tennis Court: 5/5 (Inhuman)
Why anyone would wanna hate Lorde, I just don't get - ProPanda

UPDATE: Royals- 5/5 - ProPanda