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21 Homemade Dynamite

Just perfect

22 Sober
23 Ladder Song

A great rendition of Bright Eyes "Ladder Song". The cover is done beautifully.

24 Sober II (Melodrama)

The instrumentals are incredible

25 Writer in the Dark

This song is so passionate and beautiful. The mix of her deep notes + her falsetto combined with the spacious orchestra music make this gem worth putting on repeat

Pure, sheer brilliance! Lorde shines in this song brighter than a diamond.

26 Flicker
27 Swingin Party

One of the most soothingly dreamy songs I have ever heard. Perfect to listen to by yourself at nighttime by a pool.

This is a really relaxing song! Why is it so low?!? It should be much higher.

28 The Louvre


"Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you
But we're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre
Down the back, but who cares, still the Louvre"

29 Supercut
30 Still Sane

This song means a lot! So sad people can not see it. I just voted for it as the best Lorde song. I would really like to know that this hasn't been recognized because of people's knowledge instead of because of it being bad.

I always skipped this song because I disliked. A lot. However after listening to it more, it has become my FAVORITE out of all of the other songs. Such a good tune, worth listening too.

I disliked this song the first few times I listened to it.
But, like 400 Lux, with more listens and good headphones the song grew on me tremendously.
I can't pick my favorite Lorde song but this is definitely deserves more credit.

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31 Biting Down

This is such a hypnotising and amazing song. It should definitely be much higher! I love this song so much

32 Meltdown

She have many song on hunger games?

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33 Liability (Reprise)
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