Top 10 Lori Loud Moments

Wither you like Lori or not she does have her good moments from The Loud House.
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1 Lori and the Other Sisters Telling Lincoln that He's Fine Just the Way He is from White Hare

Even though Lori can be a bit of jerk most of the time but she does show to be very caring when it comes to her younger siblings especially in this episode where Lincoln tries to impress the new girl by dressing up like the Fonz and later she asks wondering why Lincoln wanted to change himself and follows with her and the other sisters telling Lincoln that he's perfectly fine just the way he is. - egnomac

This Is Not Just A Lori Moment - Oliversky

2 Lori Farts During Yoga from Garage Banned

Even funnier later when Lori tries to get out of living in the garage by telling everyone that there was a ghost Lucy performs a seance and turns out that there really was a ghost who decides to leave instead and she adds it had to do with something about yoga farts and Lori shouts that it was the floorboards.

3 Lori Takes a Selfie with Carol Pingrey from Selfie Improvement

Thought the episode Lori tries to out do her rival Carol Pingrey with several selfie shots but the two finally bury the hatchet and decide to a selfie together. - egnomac

4 Lori Gets Diarrhea After Drinking a Milkshake Given to Her by Bobby from Undie Pressure

So funny - blackflower

A really funny scene and Lisa following her upstairs to collect the missing piece of her fecal research. - egnomac

5 Lori's Cute Face from Undie Pressure
6 Lori Telling Lincoln that She and the Sisters Won't Let Mom and Dad Kick Him Out from Ties that Bind
7 Lori Farts in Vanzilla from Tripped

Literally the funniest moment in the episode.

8 Lori's Scary Face from Get the Message

Lori Loud: There's only one rule in this house: Stay out of my bedroom! If I catch you in here again, I will literally turn you into a human pretzel!

Now that's the face that would launch a thousand ships the other way.

9 Lori Makes Herself Look Like Leni to Win Clyde Back from Change of Heart

This was a pretty creepy moment especially with her talking to herself and the others hearing her talk to herself. - egnomac

10 Lori Farts in the Van Then Rolls Down the Window from Making the Case

An Clyde being completely turned on by this was downright messed up. - egnomac

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? Lori Reads Lisa and Lily a Bedtime Story from The Mad Scientist
? Lori Lands on Garbage from Raw Deal
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11 Lori as Lincoln from Cover Girls

Lori posses as Lincoln while talking to Pop Pop.

12 Lori Accidentally Scratching the Van with Her Purse from a Tattlers Tale
13 Lori Gets Excited When Lincoln Asks About Girl Advice from the Price of Admission
14 Lori and Lynn Sr. Jump for Joy Causing the House to Shake from Can't Hardly Wait
15 Lori Singing with Luna from Party Down
16 Lori Infected One Flu Over the Loud House
17 Lori as The High Card from Pulp Friction

Lori in her Full Deck alter ego The High Card who mostly drives the van.

18 Lori Opening Everybody's Presents from 11 Loud's a Leapin'

Its revealed that Lori has an unhealthy habit of opening up presents early and in this flashback scene Lori opens up everyone's gifts as they stare at her awkwardly.

19 Lori Smiles at Lincoln for Taking Her Advice from Save the Date
20 Lori Crying After Telling Lincoln Bobby Broke Up with Her from Save the Date
21 Lori Making Honking Noise from Driving Ambition
22 Lori in the Paradise for One Alone from Linc or Swim
23 Lori Smashes the TV - Fool Me Twice

After witnessing Luan using her double to humiliates her during a date with Bobby and repeatedly farts Lori in a fit of rage grabs the TV and smashed it on the floor.

24 Lori Gets Stuck in the Freezer - Can't Hardly Wait

While working at dad's restaurant Lori ends up getting stuck in the freezer.

25 Lori Talks to Herself Then Her Sisters Get Creeped Out by Her from Change of Heart
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