Best Lost in Space Characters

Lost in Space is a rather underrated but amazing TV show on Netflix. Im not gonna give away spoilers but if you haven’t watched it you should. Also watch the 2018 version, not the original. The original kinda sucks.

The Top Ten

1 Will Robinson

Brave and heroic, and it’s so cool how he was able to befriend a robot who had been trying to kill him. He’s also super mature. He should’ve passed that test... - Camaro6

2 Penny Robinson Penny Robinson

She’s hilarious and sarcastic. A lot like me actually. - Camaro6

3 The Robot The Robot

Shame he doesn't have a name. - Camaro6

4 Maureen Robinson Maureen Robinson

A good character who likes to take charge of things. - Camaro6

5 Judy Robinson

A decent character, she tries to make good decisions. What I dislike about her is that she dislikes the robot. I think she has mixed feelings about him though. - Camaro6

6 Don West

Lmao he’s hilarious - Camaro6

7 Vijay Dhar

I totally ship him and Penny besides he’s actually pretty hot lol - Camaro6

8 John Robinson John Robinson

Eh decent. He’s trying to be a good dad, let’s see if he’s successful. - Camaro6

9 Dr. Smith/June Harris

Overall a well-developed and devious villain. - Camaro6

10 Victor Dhar

Vijay’s dad. He’s decent but not too great. - Camaro6

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