Top Ten Lost Technologies

This list is all about old technologies which were lost in the odds of time ,which could have changed the face of the world if it wasn't lost..

The Top Ten

1 Teleforce

"It was never made...even though he made one." Wow.

It's a technology invented by the greatest scientist of all time,it was a deadly weapon,also known as death ray,it was never produced,because he thought the weapon is too catastrophic and could destroy the world,but it is said that made one,he destroyed it and all the data along with it. - glambert

2 The Cloudbuster

It was invented 1950 and was capable of making rain anywhere we want,it's a machine and can produce rain wherever we want,but it was destroyed because people thought it could destroy balance of nature. - glambert

3 Greek Fire

It wasn't "lost." We call it napalm.

This was an old technology used by Greeks,they use a chemical to built fires that won't get affected by water,these ships were used in battles during 11th century,but the technology is lost,sadly.. - glambert

4 Lossless Data Compression

It is one of the biggest losses for modern world,it would have been one of the greatest invention,it can compress 10gb of data to 8kb without any loss,but it was lost somehow... sadly - glambert

5 Mithridate

This one is from medicinal field,where an ancient herbal medicine uses to cure poison effects,so much work was done to make it,but technology is lost,it is said to have 65 ingredients in it,but none of it is known now. - glambert

6 Damascus Steel

Does anyone remember Valerian steel featured in Game of Thrones? ,Yes that was inspired by this craft,its incredibly strong and it's technology is lost in 18th century. - glambert

It's DAMASCUS steel, and it hasn't been "lost." It is still produced.

7 Flexible Glass

Oh, I wish I could see that. - Catacorn

There is no evidence vitrum flexile ever existed. The historians of the 1st century who wrote of it had never seen it, and did not believe it existed. We do have our own version, though---fiberglass.

It's a Roman invention,it's a glass that don't shatter instead only Bent,It would have been a fascinating thing to see. - glambert

8 The Antikythera Mechanism

It's an ancient analog computer used to chart location of stars and planets,it has gears,dials and cranks in it,its remains have been recently found out. - glambert

9 Stradivarius String

Maybe this is one of the famous lost invention,it's a string made for violins and only Stradivarius family knows how to make it,so the technology was lost wirh them and it's known to produce the best sound by any musical instrument. - glambert

10 The Telharmonium

It's the first electric musical instrument ever made,but now no one knows how it was built - glambert

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