Best Lou Reed Albums

The Top Ten

1 Berlin
2 Transformer
3 New York

Concept album unlike any other

4 The Blue Mask
5 Rock 'n' Roll Animal
6 Street Hassle
7 Coney Island Baby
8 Legendary Hearts
9 Ecstasy
10 New Sensations

The Contenders

11 Magic and Loss
12 The Raven

Beautifully crafted, musical adaption of Edgar Allen Poe's works.

13 Lulu

O come on! The man himself said it was his best work, Metallica is proud of it, and David Bowie Called it a masterpiece. - PewPewAssassin

His second worst, only Metal Machine Muic was worse. It's sad that this was his last. It seems like Reed ran out of good ideas in the 1990s. - Caleb9000

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1. Berlin
2. Transformer
3. New York
1. Berlin
2. Transformer
3. Rock 'n' Roll Animal



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