Top 10 Loud House Characters with One Appearance

For this list we will be looking at the Loud House characters with only one episode appearance and have yet to make another appearance in the show.

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1 Clare

Appearing in "Pets Peeved" as the little girl who lost her dog Watterson who the Louds were taking care off.

2 Mandee

One of Leni's circle of friends from the episode "Everybody Loves Leni" who along with Jackie didn't get along with Leni's work friends Miguel and Fiona but ended up burying the hatchet realizing their friendship with Leni was more important then their petty feud, as of right now Mandee is the only one of the four to not make another appearance in the series with Miguel and Fiona reappearing in "Leader of the Rack" and Jackie making an appearance in "Stage Plight"

3 Maggie

Appearing in the episode "Funny Business" as the girl whose party Lincoln attempts to perform for unaware that Maggie is an emo girl who isn't going to be impressed with his usual comedy act as she makes it very clear she isn't impressed with his act though she is impressed by Luan's mime act, despite her one appearance she's quite popular with some of the Loud House fans though why people ship her and Luan together is a mystery in itself.

4 Ms. DiMartino

Appearing in the episode "Study Muffin" as Lincoln's substitute teacher who he and the other boys crushed on due her attractive appearance and ended up becoming so distracted that he begins failing in class, she's shown to be very kind and not shown as strict and she does allow Lincoln to retake his test in his locker so he wouldn't be distracted.

Loud House sucks.

The most attractive character on the Loud House.

5 Tabby

Appearing as one of Lincoln's dates from Dance, Dance Resolution unlike Haiku who became a full time character and Giggles and Polly Pain only getting a small cameo later in the series Tabby is the only one who has yet to return.

6 Rocky Spokes

Appearing in "Back in Black" as Lucy crush before changing to Silas in "L is for Love".

7 Ms. Scalise

Lynn Sr.'s old middle school home Economics teacher who taught him a lot about cooking who also the owner of Frosty Farms and who Lincoln and Clyde suspected of stealing his dad's recipe book only to find out that the two actually came up with the recipes together.

8 Bobbie Fletcher

Lana's favorite race car driver appearing in the episode "Snow Way Out" who shows up at the Burpin Burger to promote a contest where the lucky winner who finds the winning wrapper would get to be an honorary member of her pit crew and even though Lana was forced to give up her wining ticket to Flip for helping her and her siblings get home she still wins anyway as later when she spots Bobbie Fletcher's straned in the road she convinces Flip to stop so she can fix her engine and as a result Bobbie Fletcher is impressed with her mechanic skills that she gives her a future job as part of her pit crew.

As of recently Bobbie Flecther made her second appearance in the series in the episode "Wheel and Deal".

9 Hugh

Also appearing in the episode "Study Muffin" who Lincoln gets to be his tutor before being chased off by his sisters and his dad.

10 Beatrix Yates

Pretty much all but one of the Yates family members has yet to make a second appearance in the show with only Jancey making a cameo in the season 3 episode "Tripped"

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11 Linka Loud
12 La Tormenta
13 Renee
14 Lacey St. Clair
15 Leif Loud
16 Amy
17 Belle Yates
18 Ms. Carmichael's Son
19 Lane Loud

Basically all genderbent versions.

20 Diane
21 Kirby
22 Lars Loud
23 Maya
24 Emma
25 Michelle
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