Best The Loud House Episodes of Seasons 1-2

So far I'm really enjoying The Loud House season 3, so this a list of the best episodes of the first two seasons.

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1 For Bros About to Rock For Bros About to Rock

In my opinion, For Bros About to Rock is the best Loud House episode ever. It might change, but for now it is my favourite. I love this episode. Luna gets some real character development and the plot overall is just great. Basically, Lincoln and Clyde are going to their first rock concert, but they get worried that Luna will ruin it. The end of the episode is just perfect and I really hope we get more episodes like this in the future - Gangem

I adore this episode - iliekpiez

I really loved seeing the strong between Lincoln and Luna in this episode. - egnomac

2 11 Louds a Leapin' 11 Louds a Leapin'

One of the best Christmas episodes ever created for the show on cable television.

This is by far my favourite special. I like Relative Chaos but didn't like Tricked! (Unpopular opinion) but this episode is my favourite special. Basically, Lincoln finds out that Mr. Grouse (the neighbour) has a large family, but can't visit them at Christmas. The song at the end is great and the episode overall was awesome - Gangem

Hey! At least the faces of the parents are seen

3 Undie Pressure Undie Pressure

This is one of my favourite season 1 episodes. Basically, the siblings try to not show their characters traits as a challenge. This one is extremely entertaining and is probably the most entertaining. Definitely a very fun time - Gangem

4 L is for Love L is for Love

I'm not just putting this on the list because of the end, even though it is great, I'm putting this on the list because it is just perfect. The premise is that a love letter comes to the house and is addressed to L Loud, and the siblings decide to figure out who sent it. The way the siblings address their crushes is hilarious. And the end is just great, I won't spoil anything, but the end really is a twist and a brilliant one to. The best episode of season 2 and a much better romance episode than Study Muffin - Gangem

Oh yes,yes yes yes. I love the secret love finding part.

5 Left in the Dark Left in the Dark

The first episode of the show is still one of the best episodes. The entire episode is very entertaining. This was also the first episode I watched, so that is pretty cool. In the episode, there is a power cut right before Lincoln's favourite show, ARRGH!, so he and his sister's travel to the basement to turn it back on. One of my favourite parts was the end, when all the sisters are nice to Lincoln and, it gets cut of with a funny joke with Lucy, which was a running gag in the episode. In my opinion this is a great start to the show - Gangem

The first episode was the best. - 23windomt

6 Snow Way Down Snow Way Down

Snow Way Down is by far the best Clyde episode, unless you count For Bros About to Rock. But in terms of episodes focusing on Clyde, Snow Way Down is his best episode. I've heard a lot of people say that it's sister episode, Snow Way Out (which is not actually related to this episode) is better. And while I like Snow Way Out, Snow Way Down is the better episode for me. In this one, Lincoln, Clyde and Clyde's dads go on holiday to a cabin in winter, and Clyde's dads get a bit to over protective of Clyde. And the end where they all go down the giant ramp, is definitely one of the best moments. Just a very fun and memorable episode - Gangem

It's a really good episode. - Solacress

7 Space Invader
8 Suite and Sour Suite and Sour

This is by far the funniest episode of the entire show. I laughed my ass off at this episode! I cannot remember a moment where I was not entertained by how utterly hilarious it was. In it, the Loud family stay in a hotel, and chaos ensues. Literally, hilarious. And the end was brilliant. I definitely suggest to watch this episode of you love to laugh - Gangem

9 Roughin' It Roughin' It

It's a really good episode where Lincoln fears that him being around his sisters and doing things that would be considered girly that he has lost his manliness so while on a camping trip with Clyde and his dads he tries to prove his manliness by trying to survive in the wild but of course things don't go well for them and he actually ends up surviving thanks to everything he learned from his sisters. - egnomac

This is definitely one of my favourite episodes of season 1. Basically, Lincoln and Clyde go wilderness exploring, but discover it is not what is cracked up to be. The end to this episode is one of my favourites. It shows how Lincoln cares about his sisters and does listen to them. And that Love Boat thing is pretty funny. One the best Lincoln and Clyde episodes - Gangem

10 Cover Girls Cover Girls

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11 Tricked Tricked

How is this 11!? It definitely should be in the top 3. The song is the best part of this episode.

12 Driving Miss Hazy Driving Miss Hazy
13 Friend or Faux? Friend or Faux?

This should’ve been number one on this list.

This is just a very sweet episode that I really enjoy. Basically, Lisa tries to make a friend in Darcy, a girl in her class. It depicts people with the autism spectrum in a positive light. The relationship between Lisa and Darcy is just incredibly sweet, and I would definitely to see another Darcy episode. By far the best Lisa episode - Gangem

14 Get the Message Get the Message

A lot of people don't like this episode, but I personally love it. I was just really entertained by the episode. Basically, When Lori breaks Lincoln's video game, Lincoln leaves Lori a nasty message (cleverly censored by Luna) but when Lori replaces the game, Lincoln tries to delete the message. This used to be favourite episode of the show, but I still love it. Extremely entertaining - Gangem

15 No Guts, No Glori
16 Picture Perfect Picture Perfect
17 Save The Date Save The Date

This episode was so bad, it’s like if they made Lincoln force Ronnie Anne to commit suicide. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

18 The Loudest Yard The Loudest Yard
19 Back In Black
20 Fool's Paradise Fool's Paradise
21 Lynne Takes All

Its Lynner Takes All. - egnomac

22 No Such Luck No Such Luck

Lincoln should have sued his parents at the end. - egnomac

They should call the episode No Good Luck.

The beginning was good but the rest of the episode SUCKED! - Spongehouse

23 In Tents Debate In Tents Debate
24 Frog Wild
25 Spell It Out Spell It Out
26 Potty Mouth Potty Mouth
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