Top Ten The Loud House Episodes that Should Be Created


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1 Sam Returns

She’s returning in an Episode next year

And they then Luna and Sam Go to Saudi Arabia in part 3 concluding the “Sam Trilogy”

2 Clyde's Dad's Secret
3 Lana vs Lola: Ultimate Battle

I'd want Lana to win for sure. Lola's a "brat".

4 Lincoln Hides a Bad Grade
5 The Origins of the Family.
6 Leni's New Job
7 Easter With The Louds

An easter special is cool - Lunala

8 Clyde Finds a New Best Friend
9 Leni Gets a Part Time Job for the Summer.
10 Lola Gets Banned from All of Her Pageants.

The Contenders

11 Super Zeros
12 Lincoln Runs Away

The way I would do the episode would be all the sisters get mad at Lincoln for what ever reason and it ends with Lori out of anger they wish they'd never had a brother which is something she later really regrets causing Lincoln to runaway from home, the next day they find out Lincoln has runaway and immediately start blaming each other and then all go searching for him along with Clyde and his dads and Booby and Ronnie Anne also return to help search meanwhile Lincoln really regrets running away and eventually meets up with a gang of runaway teenagers after spending time with them they decide to help him get back home however they get caught up in the middle of a gang war with their rivals. - egnomac

Plot: lincolns sisters annoy him so much he decides to run away when everyone is asleep. So he does, most of the episode is montage of him spending overnight roaming the streets and stuff, buf soon eats up his whole food supply, spends all his money, etc and gets bored and londly and misses his family and so he goes back home before his parents and sisters notice. - Lunala

13 Uncle Loud
14 Lily Gets Lost
15 Family Reunion
16 The Adventures of Baby Lincoln


17 A Day with Leni
18 Lincoln Breaks Lori's Phone

YASSS! Somebody needs to throw her phone in a fire pit or something cause I'm so tired of hearing her on her phone in almost all the episodes of this show!

19 The New Sister

A New Sister Comes To The Loud House But They Realize She Is A Real Giantess!

20 The Admin
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