Top Ten The Loud House Episodes that Should Be Created


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1 Sam Returns

She’s returning in an Episode next year

And they then Luna and Sam Go to Saudi Arabia in part 3 concluding the “Sam Trilogy”

2 Clyde's Dad's Secret

Their gay. so gay.

3 Lana vs Lola: Ultimate Battle

I'd want Lana to win for sure. Lola's a "brat".

4 Lincoln Hides a Bad Grade
5 Lola Gets Banned from All of Her Pageants.

She gets mad while performing which causes her to get banned

6 Lincoln Runs Away

The way I would do the episode would be all the sisters get mad at Lincoln for what ever reason and it ends with Lori out of anger they wish they'd never had a brother which is something she later really regrets causing Lincoln to runaway from home, the next day they find out Lincoln has runaway and immediately start blaming each other and then all go searching for him along with Clyde and his dads and Booby and Ronnie Anne also return to help search meanwhile Lincoln really regrets running away and eventually meets up with a gang of runaway teenagers after spending time with them they decide to help him get back home however they get caught up in the middle of a gang war with their rivals. - egnomac

Plot: lincolns sisters annoy him so much he decides to run away when everyone is asleep. So he does, most of the episode is montage of him spending overnight roaming the streets and stuff, buf soon eats up his whole food supply, spends all his money, etc and gets bored and londly and misses his family and so he goes back home before his parents and sisters notice. - Lunala

Ths would be a great idea for the movie

7 Leni's New Job
8 The Origins of the Family.
9 Easter With The Louds

An easter special is cool - Lunala

10 Clyde Finds a New Best Friend

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11 The Toilet

I Wish To Seen Luna Farting In One Episode

Ok idea. I wouldn’t mind if the part where everyone was fighting got taken out, we already have ton of eps that feature the siblings fighting over something and its getting old. - PageEmperor

Plot: The toilet was clogged so nobody could use it but soon it gets fixed so then lincon and all his sisters all fight over the cubicle for the whole episode and then lily loud locks everyone out so they all have to find somewhere else to go

Only setback is that this would have a LOT of toilet humour obviously (I like toilet humour but a lot of people on this site don’t but I still hate breadwinners and sanjay and criag) - Lunala

12 Leni Gets a Part Time Job for the Summer.
13 Super Zeros
14 The Loud House Meets The My Little Pony
15 The Loud House Meets The Power Rangers
16 Uncle Loud
17 The Adventures of Baby Lincoln

I always wanted to see baby Lincoln playing and meeting on the Ketcham Park Baby Lincoln and Young Lori meeting baby Ronnie Anne and Young Bobby.


18 Lori Gets Roasted by Clyde

Clyde goes in the hood.

Good. Not only does she get roasted, but she also gets a 1000kg weight thrown at her face. - PageEmperor

Troll alert - Gangem

19 The Loud House Babysits the Rugrats Crossover
20 Lily Gets Lost
21 Family Reunion
22 Lincoln Breaks Lori's Phone

YASSS! Somebody needs to throw her phone in a fire pit or something cause I'm so tired of hearing her on her phone in almost all the episodes of this show!

23 Lincon's Attack On Titan Dream
24 A Day with Leni
25 The New Sister

A New Sister Comes To The Loud House But They Realize She Is A Real Giantess!

26 The Admin
27 The Loud House Meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover
28 Spongebob And Loud House Crossover


29 The Protest
30 The Louds in Chuck E Cheese

Could be interesting - Lunala

31 OutLoud Star: A Loud House/ Outlaw Star Crossover

Lori would get a crush on Gene Starwind

I would imagine if Gene StarWind and Jim Hawking babysits the Louds in their Outlaw Star ship

Lana would catch Aishia Clan Clan and keep her as a pet, Lola will add make up to poor Gilliam, Leni thinks Melfina's tube is an elevator, Lisa would use Jim's inventions as an experiment, Lynn would play around with Suzuka's wooden sword, Luan would tell jokes and puns to the crew especially space jokes, Lincoln would drive Gene's ship and Lana and Lola would fight over it and Lily would stink up the ship and say "Poo poo! ".

32 It's The Great Pumpkin, Lincoln Loud

Rips off "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" - Datguyisweird666

I’m guessing that means all the loud sisters would dress as ghosts.

33 Fi-Loud Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 parody

34 The Full Loud House : A Loud House/ Full House Crossover
35 Lori's 18th Birthday

And it should be the final episode. - lavashooter

Or Lori goes to college.

36 Enough is Enough


37 The Loud Family Runs Over Bella Swan with a Steamroller

Lol - Lunala

38 Leni Poops

Leni gets hooked on prunes until things goes out of control

39 The Loud House Meets the Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover
40 The Loud House Meets Final Fantasy 7 Crossover
41 The Louds In The Digital World: A Loud House/ Digimon Crossover

I don't want to know - Goatworlds

Awful idea - KalloFox34

42 The Louds Meets F-Zero Gp Legend Crossover
43 The Loud Bebop: A Loud House/ Cowboy Bebop Crossover
44 Lily Finds Dumbo the Elephant
45 LoudGun: A Loud House/ Trigun Crossover
46 Loud Puppets
47 Clay Louds
48 The Loud Quest

A Sierra adventure game parody

49 Loudy Morphin' Loudy Rangers

A Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers parody

50 The Louds in Anime Convention
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