Top 10 Loud House Episodes Where Lincoln's Sisters Were the Best Sisters

An now for the opposite of my last list The 10 Loud House Episodes Where Lincoln's Sisters Were The Worst Sisters, these are the episodes where Lincoln's sisters were the best wither to him or any of the other sisters.

The Top Ten

1 Yes Man Yes Man

Despite the fact that they guilt tripped him into helping them convince mom and dad for money, when Lincoln is unable to get the money he needed for a special concert due to the sisters all asking for money they literally band together and hold a private concert surprising Lincoln thanking him for what he did for them singing about how he's the best brother anywhere around even more surprising they even manage to get his favorite band 'SMOOCH" to play for him and his friends. - egnomac

2 White Hare - The Loud House White Hare - The Loud House

I literally cried at the end.

The ending was very touching Lincoln had tried to change himself just to impress a new girl and the sisters remind him that he's perfect just the way he is. - egnomac

3 For Bros About to Rock For Bros About to Rock
4 Pulp Friction Pulp Friction

Really loved this episode the sisters help Lincoln and Clyde retrieve their comic for a contest back from Principal Huggins. - egnomac

5 Left in the Dark Left in the Dark
6 The Whole Picture The Whole Picture

I really loved the ending when Lincoln starts losing his memories and his sisters show up and remind him of his past events. - egnomac

7 Head Poet's Anxiety Head Poet's Anxiety

Luan ends up helping Lucy with her poetry skills and even though Lucy ends up stealing her dream of preforming at the Royal Woods Theater and Luan got super jealous and Lucy almost passes up on performing until Luan convinces her to do it in the episodes end Lucy dedicates her poem to her. - egnomac

8 Roughin' It Roughin' It

Lincoln may not have realized it at the time but spending his time with his sisters was actually beneficial as everything he learned from them helped him and Clyde survive in the wild. - egnomac

9 Gown and Out

While the episode isn't the best it was still nice to see Lori helping out Lola who fears that she's going to lose her first pageant at the regional level and fakes being sick so she doesn't have to compete and Lori comforts her telling her that things will get harder from here on out and recalls the time she almost skipped homecoming believing she won't win homecoming queen she does go and loses to Carol Pingrey as mention in Selfie Improvement. - egnomac

10 Project Loud House Project Loud House

After Lincoln's class project that he's been trying to protect throughout the episode gets destroyed the sisters help him out by mimicking his project standing in place so he can give his report. - egnomac

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