Top 10 Loud House Episodes Where Lincoln's Sisters Were the Worst Sisters

These are episodes from the Loud House in which either all, most or one of Lincoln's sisters were horrible sisters and made life difficult for him or the others.

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1 No Such Luck

Superstitions are nothing more than an excuse for a sore loser.

This was all of Lynn's fault, she dragged Lincoln into going to her game then blames him for her team losing calling him unucky, are you sure Lynn it wasn't that your team sucked that you lost that you and of course the other sisters even more surprising Lisa actually believe the same even mom and dad. - egnomac

2 Brawl in the Family

If anyone is to blame for Lincoln getting involved and making the problem worst it would have to be the sisters it all started because Luna wouldn't let Lincoln go into the kitchen to get something to eat then because one of the sisters was there cooling off then not allowing him to use the bathroom be the other sister was there cooling off then not allowing him to turn the T.V. so if anyone is to blame for the sister fight escalating it would have to be Luna. - egnomac

3 Fool Me Twice

This is possibly the lowest thing Luan has ever done using the stunt doubles that Lynn Sr. spend their entire life's savings to avoid her pranks and uses them to humiliate her family while she traps them in the garage and forces them to watch themselves be humiliated, which makes the final moments of the episode in which they trick her into thinking they are moving and made her cry all the more satisfying she's lucky they didn't have her sent to an insane asylum for this. - egnomac

If it were me I'd kick the crap out of Luan and break every bone in her body.

4 Sleuth or Consequences

All of the sisters except Lucy were total jerks to Lincoln something he didn't even do he took the blame for clogging the toilet so Lucy wouldn't have to suffer endless humiliation among the other sisters I wonder how they would feel to learn that Lincoln took the blame just to protect his little sister from their torment I bet they would feel real horrible about that as they should some sisters they are none of them would have done what Lincoln did. - egnomac

5 Fool's Paradise

Again Luan was at it again after thinking they had got rid of Luan for the April Fool's Day only to find they walked into her trap of a broken down hotel full of her hurtful pranks she literally tried to murder her own family just for her own amusement as part of her April Fool's pranks. - egnomac

6 April Fools Rule

The first episode where Luan purposely tried to murder her own brother and even invites Ronnie Anne over just so Lincoln would come out of hiding and set off her pranks and get hurt by them, Luan really needs to be taught a hard lesson that her pranks will one day get her into big trouble like she could accidentally kill her own family member with her pranks and have to go to jail for it. - egnomac

7 Dance, Dance, Resolution

I get that Luna, Luan, Lynn and Lucy wanted to help Lincoln get a date for the dance but they really should have asked him if he actually wanted to go to the dance in the first place and yet they get mad at him for not telling them he didn't want to go in the first place when 1 he doesn't need to explain it to them because it was none of their business to begin with and 2nd they force him to go the dance anyway and force him to juggle 4 dates and then telling him its not there problem despite its really their fault he's in this mess to begin with, and then later all the dates meet up and get mad at Lincoln when they should be mad at his sisters since he didn't directly asked them out in the first place. - egnomac

8 Cereal Offender

Lincoln did all the work in getting the grocery and being able to get his Zombie brand cereal only for the sisters to ruin it by starting a fight at the check out because they all wanted treats when they did absolutely nothing to deserve it as they didn't help him once to get the grocery's. - egnomac

9 Friendzy

All because Lincoln just wanted to get special privileges using the friends card now all his sisters use their friends to gang up on Lincoln so he won't get anymore special privileges which not only makes them terrible sisters but terrible friends as well and seriously 22 against 2 yeah that's totally fair and this whole thing started because Lynn brought a friend over first. - egnomac

10 Sound of Silence

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11 Driving Miss Hazy

Lori was huge jerk forcing everyone to do chores for her so they can get a ride and when Lincoln tries to help Leni get her drivers licence she purposely sabotages Leni's test by having her listen to bad driving instructions in her sleep so she will be the only one driving the van and can continue to force everyone to do chores for her. - egnomac

12 Space Invader
13 The Mad Scientist

Lisa is so annoying in this episode it makes me want to shoot my computer! - SanicWantsHisSandwich

14 The Sweet Spot

This episode is so abusive they laugh at him when he gets accused for starting it! IT MAKES ME WANNA SMASH MY T.V.!

15 Come Sale Away
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