Top 10 The Loud House Episodes with the Best Ending

Loud House episodes with the best endings note not all the episodes have to be necessarily good just as long as the ending is good.

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1 For Bros About to Rock

Good episode and good ending after trying to avoid Luna from ruining his first concert she actually makes his first concert the best along with Clyde as she even manages to get them on stage and sing with SMOOCH. - egnomac

You're probably a fan of Luna Loud, so that's why you put this number 1. I liked the episode, but it isn't the best. - Gabo147

This is probably my favorite episode

2 Fool Me Twice

I personally don't feel any sympathy towards Luan in this episode she has done a lot of horrible things to a lot of people on April Fools Day one of this days her pranks are either going to severally injure someone or she's going to accidentally kill someone.

This episode is nothing like "No Such Luck" in that episode Lincoln didn't do anything to truly deserve the horrible treatment but in this episode Luan deserved it as she went out of her way to publicly humiliate her family and then to force them to watch, the family was totally justified in making her cry and someday Luan will have to answer for her actions not just against her family but everyone that she ever pranked. - egnomac

I'm actually fine with the majority of the ending. The bit I don't like is when she discovers it is just her stuff in there and it is driven away I just thought was a bit much and the ending would be fine if they stopped there - Gangem

I actually hate this moment, it was really mean spirited and reminded me of a horrible line towards the end of No Such Luck. You know the line I'm talking about... - Gangem

No, I liked that they pranked her back, but the way they did it was horrible and reminded me of No Such Luck - Gangem

3 Head Poet's Anxiety

I personally find this to be the best ending - Spongehouse

Lucy performs her poem at the Royal Woods Theater and dedicates her poem to Luan for helping her as Luan smiles happily proud of her. - egnomac

4 11 Louds a Leapin'


Easily the best TLH moment! When Lana thought she caught a reindeer in a trap...but she caught Luan

5 L is For Love

It's nice to see that and lesbian couples on a Nick cartoon.

June 2017: The rise of a new ship.

Lana is the best

Aside from the moment where Luan's crush Sam is actually a girl the other Louds deliver their love letters to their admirers. - egnomac

6 Undie Pressure

Lincoln ends up losing the bet and therefor can't read his comics in his underwear until Lola realizes that its wrong to make Lincoln give up his habit since none of the others can go without doing their annoying habits and even buys Lincoln the special underwear despite him losing the bet.

7 Tripped

After spending the whole episode trying to get to Weeping Willows they finally arrive only to find out that they too late and the room they reserved was given away but just as all hope is lost the farmer they helped earlier who is actually Jerry Kling arrives to tell them because they helped him out allowing him to make it to the Weeping Willows in time and since he reserved the entire top floor due to his celebrity status he invites them to stay with him and they finally get to enjoy their vacation. - egnomac

L liked it especially because of the song

8 Back in Black

After the sisters attempt to get Lucy noticed by Rusty's brother Rocky by giving her a makeover fails Lucy becomes depressed Lincoln overhears her moping how he doesn't like her as both herself or her as a normal girl then he finds out that Rocky really likes her then arranges for them to get together in the kitchen as Rocky explains that he actually likes her and that he was worried that she was too cool for him. - egnomac

I love their relationship! We really need more relationships like that. Also, Lucy is best girl!

The ending of this episode created the best ship on the whole show in my opinion. Then L is for Love came around and RUINED IT! - Spongehouse

9 Roadie to Nowhere

After spending the whole episode fearing that her dreams of becoming a rock star were impossible but after getting words of wisdom from Chunk who despite not making it big he still enjoys playing with his band and he's doing what he loves and in his words that's the definition of making it, Luna then performs at the Royal Rumble as she invites Chunk to play on stage alongside her. - egnomac

10 Cereal Offender

It saved from the episode be tottaly bad. I was at the limit at Rita not letting Lincoln explain why wasnt his fault and this ending... Repeating, it saved the entire episode

Most of this episode was ok. I did not like how the sisters started acting like brats just because they wanted their own treats too when they did nothing to help Lincoln. The ending easily makes up for the rest of the episode though - Spongehouse

After getting kicked out of the grocery store and seeing mom yell at Lincoln they feel bad for what they did and go out and Lincoln his Zombie Brand Cereal. - egnomac

I'm just voting for this because it's under the $hitty episode "L is for Love". That episode is more like "L is for Lame"!

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11 Yes Man

Ah for the greater good :maguma

12 The Waiting Game

The episode itself wasn't necessarily great but the ending was the only good part about it Lincoln convinces the manager to allow him to take Lori's place so she can go to the dance and apologizes to her for using her the same way Chandler used him as they embrace in a hug which such a touching moment. - egnomac

13 Net Gains
14 A Tattler's Tale

One of the reasons I really like Lola - Spongehouse

15 Stage Plight

I love the ending. Especially when the two dummy's talk.

I love this!

16 Potty Mouth

The funny ending of this being used in a video was how I got into the show! - mimitchi33

17 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos
18 Crimes of Fashion
19 Scales of Justice
20 Racing Hearts
21 No Such Luck

At least the family apologizes to Lincoln but it still doesn't make up for the fact that they treated him so unfairly because of their stupid superstitious. - egnomac

This ending was awful in my opinion - Spongehouse

Although the episode is bad, the ending is good

22 Legends
23 Tricked
24 Dance, Dance, Resolution

The ending is a good outcome for everyone all of Lincolns friends get dates for the dance and he and Ronnie Anne get to go to the arcade together. - egnomac

25 White Hare
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